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The Plan

Good morning everyone,
For simplicity, I am going to give a brief overview of the plan instead of calling everyone individually.  

1. Stop Tamoxifen (estrogen therapy)
2. Shutting down ovaries using Zoladex (4 shots given in the stomach, 1 time per month, first one was yesterday)
3. Radiation to pelvis (Feb 10th, 30 - 45 min)
4. Start aromatase inhibitor (sometime after ovaries are no longer functioning, prevents fat cells from producing estrogen)

There may be minor tweaks to the plan as we go, but for now my onc thinks that we won't have to start chemo yet.  We will follow me with PET scans (probably every 3 months) to make sure things are resolving and not getting worse. We also may remove my ovaries (oophorectomy), but are waiting for a consultation with a gynecological oncologist before we decide for sure.

Things are definitely moving at a much slower pace than the last time we started this (BTW, just had my 3 Year Cancer-versary), but that is the price you pay for a large institution.

For now, we are all trucking along at our usual pace, trying to keep life as normal and boring as possible.  I am still out walking as much as time will allow and keeping up with the rest of life.  I am very thankful for a flexible and supportive job to have a place to go where I don't have to think too much about my own situation.  I appreciate everyone's prayers, happy thoughts, and positive energies that you have sent our way.  Please know that they make a world of difference!!!  

Hugs to you all and have a blessed day,