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Sandra’s Story

If you don't know already, I was diagnosed Stage 4 Inflammatory Breast Cancer in January 2011. Obviously, it was a shock.  The good news is that we have acted aggressively.  We will use this site to keep everyone up to date on my treatments and prognosis. We thank everyone for the outpouring of support for all of your prayers and happy thoughts!

The most common question that we have gotten is how did you find out? I found out after visiting my OB/Gyn and talking about some issues that came up after Anya's birth. He immediately sent me next door to the Breast Center for imaging. Between 8am and 11am I had gone through an exam, mammogram, ultrasound, core needle biopsy, and had a diagnosis of Stage 3 breast cancer.
We found out pretty early on that the cancer has spread to my bones (pelvis and spine), making it officially stage 4. The type of breast cancer is estrogen and progestrogen positive, so it is likely that I have had this since I got pregnant with Anya.

We are lucky to have such a great support system and we are moving forward with hopeful spirits and ready to take on this new challenge. Please keep in touch, we may take a little while to get back to people, but we really appreciate all of our friends, family, and colleagues both in Chicago and across the continent.

Sandra, Sanjay, Raj and Anya

Latest Journal Update

Avon Walk - MBC Striders

As most of you know, I have been living with metastatic breast cancer (MBC) for four years now and counting. There is no cure for my illness, but I am one of the lucky ones that I have been able to find treatments that control my disease. During this time, I have watched many Metsters, both men and women, die from this disease or from complications from treatment. Most of them could not benefit from early detection, because they were either too young or their tumors did not show up on imaging (which is very common for lobular breast cancer). During the course of treatment, most patients need a vast array of support, both physical and mental. I so delighted to say, that the Avon Foundation for Women has been a leader in reaching out to the MBC community. They have served in key leadership positions during the launch of the Metastatic Breast Cancer Alliance ( to bring many breast cancer organizations together to pool resources to understand the needs of the MBC community. They also joined with Pfizer Oncology to fund the Metastatic Breast Cancer Grants program, which will address some of the specific needs of the MBC community. I was pleased to be an Advisory Board Member to this program and get to see first-hand some of the remarkable efforts being directed to the MBC community.

In honor of Avon's commitment to the MBC community and to those lives that have been touched by MBC, Sanjay and I have signed up again to walk in the Avon 39 on April 25-26, 2015. We need to each raise $1800 to walk, so if you can help us out, we would greatly appreciate it. Here is the link to our team (MBC Striders): Just click on one of our names to contribute to our fundraising efforts. 
We would love it if you could join us, too! The more the merrier!

Lots of love,