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Sam’s Story

I received a bone marrow transplant for a rare immune system disorder called Omenn Syndrome on June 30th, 2008.  The first transplant didn't work so I had a second transplant in July or 2009.  I just passed the one year mark for the second transplant and everything is looking good.

Latest Journal Update

2015 Dance Recital

Here is the much anticipated performance from Sam at this years dance recital. I was the one behind the camera so it is a little shaky. Sorry! If it doesn't work for some reason you can search you.tube for Sam Radke and it should come up. This year the song was "Shell Shocked" from the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles movie.



3 Comentarios

Pat Houck
By Pat Houck
What a fun performance.
elsie wells
By Elsie Wells
What a dancer! Sam looked like he was really enjoying himself. How old is he now? What a miracle!!!
Colleen Wangsness
By Colleen Wangsness