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It is hard to believe the school year is over already and my last post was right after it started. Sorry about that! I guess it is time for an update.

Sam had a birthday this week (on the 21st) and he turned 7. He was so excited and got to celebrate multiple times (school, dance, home). It is just to bad none of those celebrations were on his actual birthday. Wednesday ended up being so busy for us we had to push the party back a day. I am including a picture of the treats Sam took to school. He has been very into husky dogs lately so we tried to get as close as we would with his treats. We all think they turned out pretty cute.

I will now try to give you a recap of our year. The kids started out with soccer in the fall (and again in the spring). They didn't get to play all of their games because of rain but those they did play they played well. Sam was playing with kids his actual age but because we held him back a year most of the kids were a grade ahead of him in school so he was by far the smallest one out there. He loved it though. He was always to excited to play and ran after the ball like everyone else but the minute the ball actually stated coming in his direction he would back off and let someone else get it. As long as we were watching, he stopped regularly to wave at us, he didn't care. By the end of soccer this spring he had decided he was pretty good at drop kicks so goalie became his favorite position to play. Will and Katelyn played soccer again this year as well. I believe they ended up having their best session ever this year so soccer was good all around.

After soccer Will moved into wrestling. We did not get him to as many tournaments as we had planned this year but he wrestled well when he was on the mat. Wrestling is definitely a dad activity so when he gets busy with all his school stuff it's hard to make time to go to wrestling tournaments. Next year we might let Sam participate too so maybe they will be able to go to a few more tournaments.

Katelyn and Sam have both been doing dance this school year. Katelyn is in her third year of ballet and tap while Sam is finishing his first year of tap. The dance recital is next week so I am hoping they can both pull it off. I am a little worried Sam is going to get out on the stage and get overwhelmed and not do anything. They are performing to a song from "Hercules" and he knows the routine so if he does it like in practice it is going to be very cute. Katelyn also does very well in the recital so I am sure this year will be no different.

The end of the school year went fast with programs, track and field day, talent shows, field trips and more that I can't even think of right now. All I know is that between all four kids I felt like we were going to someones school all the time. Max had his first year of Kindernook this year (the same preschool Sam went to) so we actually got to watch him perform which was very cute. It was fun to see the differences between the boys because Sam always made sure he knew all the words to everything but Max was much more concerned about the actions, if he knew the words that was just a bonus for us. School isn't so much about learning for Max as it is a time to play with new toys. All his teachers are so wonderful he did actually learn some things without realizing it;)

We made our yearly trip out to Cincinnati again this March. Not only did we get to see Dr. Bleesing again but we also got to see our beloved Rich (our nurse practitioner during both of Sam's transplants). It sometimes gets aggravating to drive all that way and then hardly talk about anything medical but then we have to remind ourselves that that is what we want. Sam got to have a nice visit with everyone and actually share what is going on in his life as apposed to listening to us talk about a bunch of boring medical stuff. Dr. Bleesing is very happy with were Sam is at right now. Depending on how things go with the sinus surgery he has given us the okay to think about getting rid of the Hizentra (the weekly shots) either late this summer or next spring. This is not something they would let us change during the winter because it is such an important part of keeping Sam healthy but we also need to stop it at some point to see how his body will react. Best case scenario is that he has B-cells again and we will no longer have to do the shots at all.

Next week Sam not only has his dance recital but he is also having surgery. He will be having his port removed (which he has had since March of 2011) and sinus surgery (which also happened it 2011). He is very excited to be having these things done, because it would be nice to be able to breath again, but he is also nervous because he realizes that getting the port out means they will now have to stick him in the arm when they need to draw labs and even though this only happens every 3 months or so he still doesn't like it.

The last big piece of news is that Sam has been granted his Make-a-Wish and he will be taking the family to Walt Disney World this October. I don't think he completely understood the whole wish process but the committee that came to talk to him were very good at working with him.  He is very excited for the trip and reminds us regularly that we are going because he made the decision to take us. 

Thanks for the continued prayers for Sam and the rest of the kids!