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Samantha’s Story

Children with cancer are like candles in the wind who accept the possibility that they are in danger of being extinguished by a gust of wind from nowhere and yet, they flicker and dance to remain alive, their brilliance challenges the darkness and dazzles those of us who watch their light




You gain strength, courage, and confidence by every experience in which you really stop to look fear in the face. You must do the thing which you think you cannot do.”


Eleanor Roosevelt



Our 9 year old daughter Sammie was diagnosed on November 24, 2006 with Osteosarcoma in her femur. After many tests and a lung biopsy the doctors have confirmed that it has also spread to her lungs.

Sammie's treatment finished in September of 2007-

Jan 30. 2008- biopsy shows not sign of cancer or infection!! Thank you GOD!

Feb 11th 08 - No Evidence of Disease in lungs!!!

March 5th 08- MRI shows the S1 of the tailbone is crumbling. Another biopsy is needed to rule out a relapse..

March 13th 08- confirmed relapse in the tailbone will start chemo March 23rd..

March 20th 08- 2 tumors in her left lung to beat as well....

May 08- Tumor removed from S1- not sure they got it all.

May 08- Chemo resumes

Sept 2, 08 - thorocotomy - 1/4 of left lobe resected also found two more tumors not seen on the scan. All tumors were still alive. Three rounds of chemo left.

Oct 31st 08- Last round of IFOS/ETOP completed.. Scans Nov 18th 08

Nov 18th 2008- All scans are clear

Jan 13th 2009- tumors in both lungs and tumor in sacrum the S1- will begin radiation

 March 09 - one round of chemo proved to be too much.. no more treatments


Latest Journal Update


Sammie will be gone 2 years this Sunday Oct 9th- I am still touched by people that come to her site and let us know she is in your thoughts as well as myself, Steve, Taylor, and Ryan. To say the last year has been easy would be a lie- but we are living our life and thinking of Sammie every minute of the day. We mention her name often and I have even had some moments when I was sure she was right behind me or I wake up and think I see someone in the bedroom.. I take it as a sign from her

.January 2011 I found a job that I love surrounded by people that are very caring and good for my soul. Steve is working hard and still very involved in sports with Ryan. Taylor is a senior in high school and planning her life and is having a lot of fun. Ryan is in 6th grade and keeps busy with football and baseball. Steve and I continue to try to keep in mind we still have 2 children here on earth and staying focused on them is what we need to do. It is not easy because it feels so empty without our "whole" family- so we are rebuilding and reshaping our family to the best of our abilities. She will forever be our little girl.

Aunt Alaina has been keeping up the bunny drive in Sammie's name and we are very thankful for all of her efforts and for all of Team Sammie still working in her memory.

 I want to honor her memory on Sunday and so I am asking that if you feel it in your heart, do something nice for someone and think of Sammie or even tell the person that you treated kindly that you did it  in memory of her... She had a really big heart and I think this would make her happy up there in heaven...

Thanks for reading our update and God bless all the kids battling cancer and all the families that have to live without their children.


With Faith-

Chris and Steve


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5 Comentarios

Steve & Pegi Hayes
By Steve & Pegi Hayes
Remembering Sammie on the day (October 9, 2009) when she received her "Angel Wings" Love, 'The Hayes Family, Davis, CA
Carrie & Kenny Kirkpatrick
By Carrie & Kenny Kirkpatrick
Have been thinking of you & your beautiful Sammie. Hope you all are ok. Sending you all our thoughts n prayers. Carrie & Kenny & Kids, Kirkpatrick
Cathy Madden
By Cathy Madden
Always thinking of your family and remembering your beautiful Sammie... I hope with each day remembering her gets a little easier or that you can smile in remembering something funny she said or did.... God Bless and I will do as you said, each day if I can to make someone happy. As always, know that your precious Sammie has united a world!
Marsha Maggi
By Marsha Maggi
I still think of precious and smiling Sammie. Hope you are doing well.
Cappy Troy
By Cappy Troy
Think of you, your family and Sammie often.