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Sandee "Sam"’s Story

Before describing all the details of what has happened with Mom, I would like to reassure you she is in good spirits and good hands.  She is fiesty as always, being very sweet, calling the shots and doing things her way, and appreciates all the love and support around her.

In March, Mom had seen several doctors in South Bend because she had been having trouble swallowing, breathing, and pain in her neck and shoulders.  On April 16, Mom was admitted to Adventist Medical Center in Portland, OR after her symptoms worsened and a CT scan showed a tumor in her left chest.  Further testing showed the tumor has cut-off the airway to the upper lobe of her lung and this lobe has collapsed.  The tumor has surrounded many lymph nodes and is also pressing on her esophagus.  On April 18, the doctor's attempted to biopsy the tumor to determine the type of cancer.  Unfortunately, this biopsy was unsuccessful.  She has begun daily radiation to shrink the tumor and ease her symptoms.  On April 20, they removed two lymph nodes to send to pathology-we expect to know the type in a week or so. 
Our goal is to get her comfortable and out of the hospital as quickly as possible.  This may even happen today.  She will stay with Darcy or Holly and Stacie is on her way.  

Next week, we will meet with an Oncologist to learn about the type of cancer, treatment options, side effects, support services available, prognosis, etc.  

Please check back here for updates and feel free to leave a message here for Mom.  We all appreciate your well wishes, prayers and messages of love and encouragement.

The Hood Family.