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  • Written Aug 21, 2011 8:06pm

    Please help us spread the word about the Memorial/Celebration this Sunday to Celebrate the Life of Sam Hood
    When:  3pm Sunday Aug. 28th 2011
    Where:  Bridal Veil Lakes Corbett, OR

    Detailed driving directions found here:  http://www.bridalveillakes.com/directions.cfm
    From Portland:
    -Take I-84 East, Exit 28, Right.
    -Go left onto Scenic Byway, until you get to Bridal Veil Lakes Private Park.
    -Take a Left at the fork which is a gravel road at the Bridal Veil sign.  -Follow the arrow signs
    >To Lake >One Way up to parking area for venue.

    For GPS/online mapping use the address:
    Henderson Rd. Corbett, OR 97019

    Sam's wishes were that we all should celebrate her life in Irish Wake (party) style with jokes, laughs, food and drink.  Please feel free to bring salad/side/dessert, a bottle or both!

    Comfortable attire is encouraged.

    Be aware the road up (and down) from the venue site is winding, so PLEASE designate a driver.

    We're looking forward to seeing everyone!!
    ~Shawn, Holly, Stacie & Darcy

    The online Obituary is posted here:

    Out of town travel assistance (discounted air fare):
    Dignity Memorial Bereavement Travel Services 1-800-224-4177, 7 days a week, from 8-10 central time.

    Funeral Home #4167 Ref:  Sandra Hood

  • Full Circle

    Written Aug 18, 2011 4:09pm

    Dear Friends and Family of Sam Hood,

    We thank you all for your loving words, kindness, support, well wishes and prayers for our Mom since her diagnosis earlier this year on April 16th.

    All of Mom's nearest and dearest were with her as we said our goodbyes to our Mom, Sister, Grandma, Daughter, Auntie and Friend as she passed away yesterday, August 17th at 4:20 pm.  It was peaceful and her end of life wishes were honored.

    Before she left us we want you all to know, she was talking, holding our hands, and then it was apparent she was resting, preparing.  We played her favorite song, we laughed and told great stories, shared her jokes and "momisms" and our Mom stayed with us as long as she could until she was ready.  It was evident just as she lived her life on her own terms, it was her time to go.  There were lots of tears and hugs, we all loved her so much and she touched the lives of so many, everywhere.  Though yesterday was a beautiful summer day and all was just as it should be, she couldn't stay...and Mom wouldn't have wanted us to cry too long.

    I'm sure many of you know, Mom never wanted a funeral service and so it shall be - we will be having a Wake in the Irish tradition, in her honor.  We plan to do just that and throw a big party to celebrate her.  Come if you fancy hearing some Bagpipes, and having a few laughs, we really hope to see all of you who can make it to Sam's Wake!

    Wake information to follow....

    Love you all,
    The Hood girls

  • Written Aug 15, 2011 11:49pm

    It's been several weeks since our last entry because Mom has been doing really well.  She has been enjoying her time at home in South Bend, eating right, and feeling "almost normal".  Unfortunately, things have changed.
    Mom was in Portland last Friday for her second chemo treatment and was a little short of breathe.  Doctor also noted her white blood cell count was a little high.  After chemo she insisted on driving herself home and was exhausted when she got there.  She unpacked her clothes and went to bed early.  A little later she realized she was feeling really bad a drove herself to the emergency room at her community hospital.  They admitted her and diagnosed her with pneumonia in both lungs.  To make a long story short, she did not respond to antibiotics and after spending about 14 hrs watching her get better then worse and so on, we had her transferred to Portland Adventist.  We arrived about 2am this morning and she was admitted directly to ICU.  It's been a long weekend with very little rest and all has taken a toll on Mom.  But, we are relieved she is at Adventist now-Mom most of all.
    Tests done today ruled out blood clots in her legs and lungs (thank goodness).  They say she has pneumonitis.  She remains very short of breathe and is now on 100% high-flow oxygen.  There is also an enzyme (produced by her heart) that is at a high level and concerning to her doctors.  They say she needs lots of rest and to focus on breathing (not to talk)-this is very difficult for her.  She has serious things she feels she needs to say.  This is difficult for us.
    Stacie is coming tomorrow and we are looking forward to her presence, energy and how this will boost Mom.  We are gathering the rest of the family as well for what has become a big bump in Mom's journey.  Mom and all of us really need your prayers, love and support more than ever.  This is so hard.
    On another subject, please send extra thoughts of comfort to Holly and Miles.  After waiting for her for a year and half, and having her for only 3 short weeks, they said goodbye to their precious puppy Cricket yesterday.  She passed at home unexpectedly and from an unknown cause.  (A doggy autopsy is being done but will take some time.)  As you can imagine this is a horrible addition to what is happening with Mom.    
    If you would like to send a card to Mom, please mail it to her at:
    5734 NE Simpson St
    Portland, OR 97218 
    If you would like to send a card to Holly and Miles:
    3118 NE 70th 
    Portland, OR 97213

    Thank you again for your prayers and good thoughts for our family.  We appreciate any extra love and support you can share.
    The Hood Girls

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