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Shaela’s Story

We serve a BIG LOVING GOD-stay updated on Shaela's journey to recovery.

After leaving youth group on Tuesday, March 8, the car Shaela was riding in with her sister & another friend, was parked at a red light at Maroa & Barstow. A truck did not realize the light was red and hit the girls from behind.  It took over an hour to get the girls out of the car.  Shaela suffered major injuries to her face and skull.  Our God is a BIG God – he protected the other girls in the car and Shaela did not suffer any other physical injuries.  Please continue to pray for Shaela & her family, as well as the staff at the hospital who are caring for her.

Thank you for your continued support of Shaela & her family!

Latest Journal Update

March 8th, 2013 - 2 years later

Everyone! So, as you all probably know or remember, today March 8
is the 2 year anniversary since my tragic car accident that left me totally
blind. It's unbelievably crazy where the times gone and where this event has
brought my family and me. In result of not having memory of that day, it
doesn't impact me too much on the basis of my recollection, but has definitely
impacted me by allowing me to think about all the different things that I have
accomplished since that day. I can tell you one thing, God is definitely

of right now, I am attending Bullard High school and I’m a senior in which this
summer, I will be graduating. Woo! Class of 2013! This past semester I ended
off by pulling out a 4.0 grade point average (straight A’s for my non-American
friends) and as of my last progress report, it has remained the same. I am
planning on attending college here locally; I am already accepted and registered
as a Fresno State University student. I'm very much looking forward to starting
a new chapter in my life and working towards my, hopefully future occupation, as
a child psychologist. My whole life growing up, I've wanted to somehow
incorporate my job into a job working with children. My previous goal was to be
a pediatrician, but with the loss of my eyes, I'm not too sure how that would
work out. Since my accident, however, I've experienced many struggles with emotions
and the hurt of not understanding why this happened “to me”. I felt myself
slipping into a depression and sometimes not wanting to move on. Thankfully,
with Christ's strength, I have found myself able to overcome that overwhelming
fear and to press forward in spite of it. I strongly believe that no matter how
difficult something may be, or how impossible it seems to get past, that
something good can come in the end, if you push towards it. My life experiences
have now given me the tools to attain this career, and I now have the desire to
help out other youth in getting past their own struggles. I understand how life
can throw at us many things we don't think we can handle, but I strive to show
others that there IS a way and to show them by how I try to live my life, after
something so important was taken away from me.

back to the exciting events taking place in my life. Next Friday, I will
hopefully be embarking on a trip with The Junior Blind Association up to Lake
Tahoe for The High Ropes Course Adventure. I will be hiking, swimming, doing
archery, possibly playing goal ball, zip-lining and attempting a high ropes
course, plus much much more. I'm excited to meet new friends and to enjoy the
beauty that life offers around me. Also coming up, is April 3rd and you know
what that means! I'm turning 18! Yay finally an adult! Weird, eh? I'm not
positive on what I would like to do to celebrate, but I'm sure I'll have a
great time. As many of you know, the incredible kids at Bullard High, nominated
me for Homecoming Queen last fall. That was an experience I will cherish
forever. I couldn’t see them, but I could certainly hear them cheer. It was

to wrap up, despite the times where I feel that I have no purpose, I'm happy
with the path that God has put me on and I will continue to follow wherever He
takes me. I know that in the future there will be a time where I am going to
laugh, I'm going to smile and I will have a good time with something I do and
the fact that I am thankful and will continue to be thankful for being given a
new life. All I have lost physically are my eyes and my ability to smell, it
could have easily been much worse. Based on my faith in The Lord, I am positive
that when the time comes, I will enter His kingdom and will live an everlasting
life WITH my eyesight. So, what can stop me from living this life without vision?
Nothing! I thank all of you who have been beside me through this fight and all
of you who have reached out and encouraged me. Your prayers have helped
tremendously and I ask that they would please continue. Lastly, I thank my
Father up above for each and every thing he has provided me with and for
allowing me to have one more chance to live. I am thankful for his
unconditional love and hope that he supplies me with it as well. Love you all!

note from Dad

years. Unbelievable! Life has been non-stop in our family but we manage to keep
our sanity….well…most of the time. It’s interesting looking back at how the
course of life sometimes flows. So many things just simply cannot be
controlled, and for a control freak like me, that’s hard to comprehend
sometimes. No matter how hard we try to have a particular outcome in life, or
how well we think we are doing at attaining “the goal”, it all can change in an
instant. So what do you do with that? The words to an old song “I surrender all”
come to mind, 3 words, each with its own power. Think about it.
make sure the important things remain strong, like relationships and time with
family. Let others hold you up.

for me, last year I was asked and accepted the position of Executive Director
for Valley Center for the Blind. It’s truly amazing how my course has changed,
and looking back, you see the hand of God in ways that are not apparent at the
time. When you’re going through the muck of life, God often “feels” absent or
distant, but ‘through it all’ and looking back, you can see how He DID hear,
and He WAS there. (hah..made you hum another oldie
J) Now I daily work with people with no
or little vision, constantly being taught how full life can be in spite of
great challenges, understanding more how to better deal with my own family
situations. See…God DOES work all things for good Rom. 8:28

continues to work for the IRS, fielding all the calls from the many Americans wishing
to express their gratitude in giving and asking for other ways to even give
more…NOT! Pray for her….. lol.

other 3 daughters continue to make us proud, all still in school studying hard.
be interesting to look back in another 10 years or so to see what other course
changes our lives will have.

still a fair amount going on in the news, most of it can be seen by doing an
internet search for Shaela Warkentin. All of you, and the community have been
awesome in loving and supporting us on this journey. The love found inside the
body of believers in an incredible thing. Unimaginable to not have that! We
love you!

on ….