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Rusty’s Story

Welcome to our CaringBridge website in honor of the Russ Man. We've created it to keep family and friends updated about his fight against metastatic Pineoblastoma brain cancer. We are undone by your love, prayers, and support. Keep storming heaven with us! We believe in signs and wonders. We believe in supernatural healings. God is good and he is crazy in love with Rusty...and so are we...and so are you. Thank you! --Adam, Mimi, Rylee Jean, and Rusty

Latest Journal Update

"Man, I thought I would be playing the back 9 with Jesus by now."

For I am convinced that neither death nor life, neither angels nor demons, neither the present nor the future, nor any powers, neither height nor depth, nor anything else in all creation, will be able to separate us from the love of God in Christ Jesus our Lord. --Romans 8:38

Rusty woke up the other night and totally disheartened said, "What I'm not in heaven yet? Man, I thought I would be playing the back 9 with Jesus by now."

It's moments like these that make this brutal experience beautiful. Rusty continues to rest comfortably. He has moments of clarity where he smiles and laughs. He expresses his love for us asks for more blue Gatorade.

We continue to be empowered by your love. Your prayers for peace to flood our hearts and our home are being answered. Thank you for continuing to stand with us in love and hope. You are amazing!

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Mike Hughes
By Mike Hughes
Thinking about your sweet family a lot today <3
Lori Englehardt
By Lori Englehardt
I heard about your precious boy, Rusty, through a dear family at my church, and have kept him in my prayers ever since. I also pray for you, as I know what it feels like when your child loses the fight for his life and leaves you to be with Jesus in Heaven. I am still praying for a miracle for your Little Man, Rusty, until that day that he takes his last breath here on this earth. GoD bless you and your sweet family.
Radine Green
By Radine (Ballestero) Green
Blessings and peace to Rusty and to the Schultz family. May the arms of God and wrap tightly around you all now, and the angels watch over you and shine their Heavenly light upon you all. In Jesus' name, Love to you all. xoxo. Strength to you all in the coming days, and as you watch your beautiful boy. xoxo
Gayl Elam
By Gayl Elam
Precious Rusty, what a hero. Praying for comfort and peace for Rusty and your family. God is in charge.
Hugs from Gayl
Cathy Senteney
By Cathy Senteney
What a brave young warrior. I can only smile when reading that Rusty was surprised he wasn't already in heaven - to know that he isn't afraid is so heartwarming. Letting someone you love go is so hard and I'm praying for you all. Rusty's love and courage is an inspiration to me. God bless and protect you all - prayers and love are sent your way.
Peggy Guyer
By Peggy Guyer
Praying for you precious Rusty!! Praying for your beautiful family as they face the daily challenges presented to them. Your faith is an inspiration to me and many people. God Bless you all.
Radine Green
By Radine (Ballestero) Green
What a stunningly beautiful picture of Rusty this is. His cheeks are pink. His eyes are closed in the sleep that only the babes sleep when they are dreaming of playing and running. I know his family is watching his every breath, waiting. My heart is heavy with sadness that this beautiful spirit will be leaving you, and I don't even know him, except through this blog, which is beautiful. I will continue to pray for Rusty and his family, for peace and understanding, that the sun will again shine on this lovely family, and they will awake again to know His love for them. xoxo
Sharon Johnson
By Sharon Johnson
Rusty I know how much you mean to Tamisha but I truly feel with all my heart that I wished I had an opportunity to meet you and your family. You are a sweet young man. There is a saying, "Out of the mouths of babes." I truly believe that only you Russman could mention football at a time like this. You are a blessing and your family there is no words to express the Godly strength you gave shown all of us. Jesus hold each one in your arms and be their shield and give them each the strength they need for only you know the needs of our heart. Bless you sweet sweet Russman. In Jesus most precious name Amen. Mimi give Russman a hug from me tell him I love him. Give Riley a hug from me too and tell her I love her too. Adam and Mimi hug each other and know that is from me to you both for being Godly parents and setting an example. Love you all. Hang tough Russman that football game will happen.
Gloria Guerrero
By Gloria Guerrero
Rusty is beautiful. Faith is so powerful..you are surrounded by HIS love.
Debbie Howell
By Debbie Howell — last edited
Mimi & family,
I only know you through a friend of mine who is your friend on facebook but I must tell you that I have been praying for your family and God has laid on my heart to write to you. I don't know that you will read this as I am sure you have many posts, comments, and cards to sift through. But here goes...you all have been placed on my heart to pray for and to let you know that I so appreciate, as well as many other silent observers, the grace, dignity, and faith with which your family has endured this life circumstance. We have learned so much from this little boy, who is older in spiritual years with great faith and understanding, than most of us ever grow to in a long life time. Your journaling could question, doubt, and even accuse God of abandonment but instead you continue to have hope, love, and beautiful faith. What a passionate lesson for many of us who experience so much less in life but give up or doubt our faith so easily.
Most recently I was listening to the radio and a song by Plum came on called Need You Now and my mind instantly went to your family and prayers went up and tears came down. Music has always spoken to my heart. Your family is so blessed to have Rusty and Rusty is so blessed to have a family who has taught, encouraged and nurtured his faith and relationship with God the Father. Thank You for all you have done for all of us and know how special you are, cling to one another as a family unit with God and know you are in our prayers. Please hug Rusty for me and tell him again how loved he is. :-)
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