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Rusty’s Story

Welcome to our CaringBridge website in honor of the Russ Man. We've created it to keep family and friends updated about his fight against metastatic Pineoblastoma brain cancer. We are undone by your love, prayers, and support. Keep storming heaven with us! We believe in signs and wonders. We believe in supernatural healings. God is good and he is crazy in love with Rusty...and so are we...and so are you. Thank you! --Adam, Mimi, Rylee Jean, and Rusty

Latest Journal Update

Time to prepare

Anger is a powerful emotion. I want to be angry. I want to scream. I want to hate. I just can’t. His smile. His bright eyes. His fingers interlaced in mine. His head rubs. With each touch. Each memory. My heart and soul are filled with thanksgiving that I was chosen to be his mama. When gratitude floods your entire being there is no place for anger. Where there is light, there is no darkness.

Rusty’s light has remained bright despite what we were told four weeks ago. Just this past weekend things have started to dim. Saturday Rusty woke up feeling good. By 9 am he threw up. He was back in bed and asleep by 9:30 am. He didn’t wake up until 3:30 pm. He only threw up once so Adam and I pretended it didn’t really happen. He was laughing. He was dancing.

Sunday was a great day. Rusty woke up and felt awesome. We all went to church. He had a friend over to play. He hit baseballs in the afternoon. He even ate a granny smith apple.

Monday was a repeat of Saturday, but worse. He never left our bed. He threw up several times. He didn’t laugh. He didn’t dance.

I remember sitting in the ER on November 9 and a member of the neuro-oncology team explaining that if we went with option 2—the surgery to place the shunt—that eventually the shunt would be unable to do its job and the hydrocephalus would run its course. We would know by the headaches, nausea, vomiting,and impaired vision, ect. And once these symptoms presented, it would be time to prepare.

We prepared by having Christmas today! Both kiddos were slightly suspicious when we put them in their Christmas pj’s last night,especially since we had let them know that we may be having our Christmas early this year so that Rusty could enjoy the celebration. Rusty woke up with no headache. No nausea. No vomiting. He was able to open all of his presents and enjoy them all day long! I even took a picture of him playing with all of his guys this afternoon to share with you.

I can’t be angry. I can’t. The joy that comes from watching him play. The stuff he says. His imagination. I am grateful for Rusty. I am overflowing with pride at who he is and how fiercely he loves. I am thankful for how much he has taught me about life and love. He is my son.

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Becky Cheky
By Becky Cheky
God bless you all - you are all in our prayers. Your son and family are teaching many of us humility, humbleness, love and strength. Thank you for sharing your family's journey and given us the opportunity to see what a special young boy Rusty is. You have a lot to be proud of - Each journal post tells us how a family copes and, more importantly, cherishes and loves one another. I, too, have always loved holding my sons' hands when they were young, their fingers interlacing mine in the same way yours did with Rusty's - thank you for helping me remember the simplest things I should appreciate the most. I recently came across one of their ball mitts and chuckled at how small their hands used to be. My wish this Christmas is for you and your family to have comfort, peace, love and to continue to create good memories and meaningful moments. God bless <3
Deborah Mclouth
By Deborah Mclouth
God bless you and your beautiful family. Gods arm is not to short to reach down and touch Rusty. All things are possible. Everyday and every moment is a gift. Don't focus on what is seen but what is unseen. For what is seen is temporal and what is unseen is eternal. This temporary trial far out ways the eternal Glory that awaits you and Rusty. And your family where you get to spend all of eternity together never to be separted again. And I am praying and believing that Rusty will live out everyday God has ordained for him and declaring not one will be stolen in Jesus Name. Praying and interceding for your special little man.
Natalie Ammons
By Natalie Ammons
Mimi, your story is a reminder of what every person should strive for in life. Perfection. You are the perfect example of having true faith in God. I will continue to pray for you all. Please hug Rusty for me.
Nicole Dalakas
By nicole
Rusty and your family is in our prayers out here in San Diego. We may never meet on this side of heaven, but we have a special place in our heart for all of you. You inspire us!
Beth Higginbotham
Mimi your strength is such an inspiration :) I pray one day that God grants me the strength that you have shown through your posts.

Beth Higginbotham
Princess Erika
By Princess Erika
Beautiful picture. Praying for all

God bless you all much.
JoAnn Ferguson
I have been praying for you all many times daily and will continue. Your story touches the hearts of many and your faith is so amazing. God bless you in all you have on your plate this special time of year. I love the fact that you see the blessing in all you go through. Love to all.
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Linda Kelley
By Linda Kelley
My heart aches so much for all of you. Having lost my 17-year-old daughter very suddenly 16 years ago I feel so cheated not being able to say goodbye to her. I always wondered if it would have been easier had I had the time to prepare as you are. I so admire you and your Faith which is carrying you through this so gracefully. I would have failed miserably. Please know so many people care and are praying for all of you.I know there is one beautiful angel In heaven who will have Rusty wrapped In her embrace until you are together again.
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Larry Maddox
By Ann Maddox
Mimi, You are amazing. What a wonderful mother you are. I'm so glad God has given you spiritual strength through these difficult days. Rusty knows Jesus like every person should. We love you all and are praying for you. Mama Ann
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Kimberly Sanderson
By Kimberly Sanderson
Thank you for sharing and while I want to encourage you, it seems as though you and rusty encourage me with your relentless love and faith in Christ; it's truly amazing to see Jesus shine through your son, through each of your posts on Rusty. My heart aches for Rusty and for you and as a mom of two boys, I can't even imagine. I do know that Gods grace is incredible because you portray that each time I read your journal. I love you guys and praying and thinking of your family every day! Tell Rusty Merry Christmas from the Sanderson family and that we think he is very special:) May peace, comfort and hope surround you during this time. Much Love to you and Rusty!
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