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Welcome to our CaringBridge website in honor of the Russ Man. We've created it to keep family and friends updated about his fight against metastatic Pineoblastoma brain cancer. We are undone by your love, prayers, and support. Keep storming heaven with us! We believe in signs and wonders. We believe in supernatural healings. God is good and he is crazy in love with Rusty...and so are we...and so are you. Thank you! --Adam, Mimi, Rylee Jean, and Rusty

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There is no forgetting

Everything is charged with the potential of reminder. There is no forgetting. –Nicholas Wolterstorff

Everything is a reminder. The expiration on the box read May 3. And down I went in the grocery store. Struggling to remember how to breathe. We live in the same house where Rusty lived and died. We sleep in the same bed where I nursed Rusty, took naps with Rusty, read to Rusty, held Rusty's body before handing him over to Adam to be carried out of our home forever. Our home. Our church. Our schools. Our community. Rusty is everywhere. There is no forgetting.

If each thing I missed about Rusty was a grain of sand I could walk on his beach for the rest of my days here on earth. Rusty didn't know how to live life halfway and it was the greatest privilege to behold. This is a picture of Rusty playing bags on June 12, 2010. He had just turned 3 a month prior. We were in Prescott, Arkansas and it was a sweltering 101 degrees. The Russ Man played for hours. Giving it all he had. That is how he lived. That is what I miss.

I cannot articulate how much I miss the way he challenged me. His greatest gift to me was allowing me to see life through his eyes. His passion. His zest. His perspective. Rusty and I were talking about his celebration of life service if he wasn't healed on this side of heaven, and I mentioned I was having a tough time trying to put it all together. Kinda like a theme. Should I go with green—his eyes—his favorite color? Should I go with baseball—his favorite sport—his dreams? Should I go with gray for brain cancer awareness? I told him I was pretty sure I had settled on gold. I didn't get a chance to explain before he interrupted with, “Oh I get it, bring out the gold in everybody. Everybody has gold in them. You just have to find it. You been saying that to me every day of my life. Better go with that one mom.” I replied with, “I was actually thinking of gold for childhood cancer awareness, but I like your way of thinking better.” “Really mama. Really. Encourage and edify. Encourage and edify. Encourage and edify your sister. Encourage and edify your classmates. Encourage and edify your teachers. Encourage and edify your friends. Encourage and edify your teammates. You say that to me every, single, day of my whole life. It really gets annoying. But that is what I think of when I see the color gold.” That. That is what I miss.

Rusty taught me more about life, love, passion, and perseverance than any other influence in my life. I am forever grateful to have known him.

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By Cindy Wilson
Dear Family, I pray for you every day. God, please grant the strength this family needs when they need it most. For you are wonderful people and we are so Blessed to be holding your hand during this journey. Peace and Love forever!
Rob and Kate Perschon
By Kate Perschon
My heart aches for you, and I pray every day that these memories bring you peace and hope. Lots of love!
Betty Ramey
By Russ and Betty Ramey — last edited
Betty Ramey
By Russ and Betty Ramey
Love you, Mimi -- keep looking forward as you have always done!
Terri Linden
By Terri Linden
Mimi- as I got out the t-shirt craft supplies out yesterday for our end of the year pre-k program coming up, I saw an extra yellow t-shirt that had been left behind from a former year. I caught my breath as I turned it around and saw the bright colorful letters of RUSTY written across the front of the shirt. and i was done in. :(
dawn flasch
By Dawn Flasch
Profound story. Amazing mother and son!
Dixie Beyer
By Dixie Beyer
Love hearing the stories about Rusty. He was a wonderful Amazing boy as you are mom.
Robin Blaszak
Keep those memories coming Mimi! They are a blessing to all of us:)
Michelle Cooper
By Michelle
Mimi, I am so grateful that you are sharing your heart. We think of you and pray for your family so often. It will take time and patience to figure out what life will look like on this side of your journey… But God will continue to provide. He is a God of peace, and I am confident He will continue to provide that to you and Adam even when things seem unimaginably difficult. Praying for strength for each moment, hour, and day. So thankful for the hope that we have in Christ' work on the cross. Every day brings us closer to being with God forever… This earth is not all there is. So thankful for that!
Karen Elliott
By Karen Elliott
The hole in your heart will never heal. However, time truly does ease the pain somewhat. All of the "firsts" are the most difficult...first birthday, Christmas, Easter, etc. sending comforting prayers your way. Xo