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Rosi’s Story

Rosemary Smeltzer Mirko

January 22,1958 - July 7, 2013

Rosi's left us and went to heaven.

We miss her and at the same time
We trust in God that she is happy,
joyous and free from sickness
forever in paradise.

Latest Journal Update

July 7, 2014

It's been a year today since Rosi died.  She will always be loved and missed.
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Don Sketchley
By Don Sketchley
Miss you daily Aunt Rosi.
Carin Schroff
By Carin Schroff
I still think of Rosi and admire her for creating Town Cats. Rosi helped so many cats in the community with adoptions, TNR, spay/neuter, community outreach, making Feral Freedom possible. She paved the way for many other rescues. She made things happen!
Nedra Thaeler
By Nedra thaeler
I'll always miss her, every day, I try to think of both her and Albert, they are in the the eyes of every new kitten saved. Forever.
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Mary Ann Rosso
A year. Wow. Rosi lives in all of those that she had touched and made a difference in their lives. She made a difference in mine and six of my fur babies. We are forever grateful.

Mary Ann and fur babies, Cleo, Cooper, Tabitha, Toby, Stella and Mini Cooper
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Becky Ewens
By Becky Ewens and Jo Jo, a Town Cats cat.
Hello Debby, and Rosi's family and friends,

It's hard to believe it's been a year. I still think of Rosi often and miss her. Last month I bought a new cell phone and was entering all my contacts. I came to Rosi, and had a bit of moment, where I broke down and cried. It was so hard not to include her in my contacts.

Rosi's legacy is Town Cats, and all the work she did for cats. She will not be forgotten!
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rita Wessel
Rosi was an inspiration for anyone who worked with her at her Towncats sites. She was a wise person who made sure, through her advance planning, to assure pussycats will continue to be cared for in her absence. She was a driven person who meant to make a difference for the pussycats. I miss you Rosi.
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