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Rosie’s Story

Rosie is in a better place where she can rest from her 23+ year battle with cancer.  She touched so many lives and will live on through all of you whom knew her, love her, learn from her, watched her light up the room, and helping others battle cancer.  Celebration of Rosie on August 18th 4-8pm...Scribners Bend winery...Clarksburg, Ca..on east side of the river. 
Rosie loved her springers, Mollie, Spuds, Abby and Lacey, so although she liked flowers, she'd love you to help rescue springers in need at  in her memory

Hi Welcome to Rosie's site...We learned of this site through reading about a young man going through chemo and radiation. We had entered some words of encouragement to him and his family, not knowing that in a short couple of months that we would be creating a page for Rosie..... Rosie is a true battler and advocate for cancer patients. She was first diagnosed with uterine cancer about 20 years ago. Her Doctor at the time said that if your a woman, this is one of the best cancers cuz they can just remove all of the female parts and be done with it. Wrong, months later she was diagnosed with a grapefruit sized tumor on the other side of the vaginal wall from where the uterus was removed. It had also spread to her liver and lungs so surgery was performed first to remove the huge tumor, 10 hours under the knife. Then came the radiation and chemo treatments to pick up the remaining cancer. Wrong again....The several rounds of chemo through many years resulted in Rosie being unable to make enough new blood to counteract the chemo drugs. With no other conventional treatments to turn to, her Sacramento doctor tried a hormone therapy that had been used in the olden days to fight similar cancers. No guarantee, but her quality of life would be better for the short time remaining here. After some powerful prayers by the artist Thomas Kincade, and several freinds, plus the fine work of Dr. Miller, her cancer was not only held at bay, but it went away. For 8 years! After the third hormone treatment ran it's course and allowed the cancer to get off the mat, a fourth was tried. After a year it was allowing the cancer in her lungs to grow slowly. After six months on the fifth hormone treatment, Dr. Miller observe it growing even more faster and other spots were getting larger to. Time to do nothing or try chemo again..... that is where we are now. There are no assurances that chemo will work due to her past unpleasant experiences with chemo, but you gotta do something.....

Wow I am sorry for not updating this part of Rosie's CB site, to pick up the story....Doc Miller did start some more chemo and had some success in slowing the rate of growth on existing lung tumors and the initiation of new tumors appearing, but again that was short lived.  Doc Miller, much to Rosie's regret moved on to John Hopkins University to do research, which is great for the cancer community as a whole, but kind of sucked for us as he had defeated all odds and kept her alive for an additional 10 years after her contract here on earth had seemingly expired.  
We were luke warm with her replacement Doctor, Luko Laptalo which in his own right is probably a fine doctor but it wasn't the right fit for "our girl".  After about a year of fumbling and stumbling and the collapsing of Rosie's lower left lung due to an enlarging tumor.....we opted to get a second opinion from a gynoclogic oncologist at UC Davis Med Center, Dr Sydney Scudder to supplement her doctor's protocol.  
Throughout the consult, we were convinced that this doc had sooooo much more to offer in the care and treatment of Rosie.  While walking the short distance to the elevator, Rosie looked at me and said that we're switching to him.  As Rosie's medical manager, I did what the boss said and had her switched to Doc Scudder by sundown.  Like Doc Miller, this guy has been there, got the t-shirt.  He reinstalled confidence in us that pulled us right out of the doldrums and hopelessness.
Rosie is constantly plagued by twisting bowels caused by scar tissue left behind as a result of numerous surgeries.  They develop over a couple of hours resulting in bowel obstructions that causes her to not be able to eat or drink without throwing up and eventually to become dehydrated as of Christmas 2010, thats the story 

Latest Journal Update

Rosie, Rosie, Rosie......

One year ago today, our Rosie, earned her wings after many years of battling cancer. She was surrounded by loving family and friends as she peacefully shed her ravished body here are on Earth and transitioned to a new life in heaven.

She continues to live in our hearts and minds. She guides and offers advice constantly to those whom knew her and some that only know her from stories told by her many friends. She has led me to get involved in the creation of a caregiver support function at UCD MC Cancer Center.

She has and will continue to inspire others in their fight against cancer. Her great friend Joan whom has been with her from thick and thin from the time they met way back when in Fresno. While Joan was battling cancer herself, Rosie dedicated her participation in a Cancer walk here in town to Joan. Even though Rosie was herself battling her own cancer, she donned her sneakers, sweatshirt, exercise pants and faced the early morning cold to walk for Joan.

While milling about before the start with fellow team members and the thousands assembled folks, she spotted a young women in the crowd that had that far away look and that poorly covered new balding head as a result of chemo. Rosie walked over to her and hugged her, started comforting her and they got so engaged that they both missed the walk.

When we all got finished with the walk, we found Rosie and the young woman still yapping on a bench. The young woman was now smiling and her her eyes were clear and focused, until they both began crying upon parting. The magic of Rosie, such compassion, such love, so giving and caring.....

Throughout the years, Rosie and Joan have donned support bibs at various functions in support of each other. On Oct 13th Joan will don a bib in the memory of Rosie while she walks the "Nike Women's Marathon" in San Francisco. I would encourage you to view her website at and lend your support/ love to her as she does this for Rosie.


[I want to thank all of you for your loving support as I have slogged through this past year. There have been good and bad days as expected. No matter what, I always am lifted by you all and of course by Rosie. Thank you again, love gerry]