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Ron’s Story

Ron was diagnosed with Stage 4 cancer in the lymph nodes and base of tongue and will be receiving full benefits through the VA and working with an excellent team of doctors through OHSU.

Ron's treatment will be radiation and chemotherapy.

We welcome you to our Caring Bridge site. We will update you regularly and upon reading your posts, we are so moved by your encouragement and support. It is an amazing thing to confront difficult battles and know you are not alone.

Thank you for standing with us.

Ron and Jan

For those of you who know Ron personally you have met a man who when he talks to you, makes you feel like you are the most important person in the room.

Ron has a laugh and a smile that is contagious and if you are in need of anything, he will bust his buns to get it done for you. Many can attest to this.

Ron has two sons, Jerrod is a sergeant in the 82nd Airborne and Brian is working on his masters and coaching baseball. Ron has three granddaughters, Allison, Megan and Riley. He LOVES being a grandpa! He also has two step daughter's Erin and Amie that he loves very much.

Ron has worked for Chipman United Van Lines for 23 years as the Vice President of sales, marketing and corporate development.  Ron absolutely loves the relationships with his co-workers and customers.

In his free time, Ron loves to golf, backpack, fish, read and hang out with his wife who bugs him if he's too busy golfing, backpacking, fishing and reading….:)

More to come…. 

Latest Journal Update


I could see her lips moving and could hear what sounded like words coming eloquently and decisively out of her mouth but after the doctor said the word 'cancer' everything else became a blur.

Ron has just been diagnosed once again with another cancer. Prostate. The good news is they do not believe it has spread and they believe we are in a window of time that treatment will get it all.

The battle not nearly as aggressive nor strenuous but a battle nonetheless.

Just wanted to post this as we know many of you have asked about how Ron is doing.

Thank you