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Alive and tough cookie

So....lately I have been updating my Facebook like a mad woman....but forgotten my caring bridge.......I many that stop posting on here may have passed on....BUT NOT ME :)

I can tell you that I have been living life to the fullest and then some.  I run myself ragged, recoop, and then head out for more.......

I always plan to come on here and always want to be witty and entertaining (ha ha ha). 

My scans in September are I continue chemo every 3 weeks and just keep pushing on.  I must say that at times I forget that "I'm sick" and keep wondering if they read the wrong scan/labwork, etc.  

So as my dear friend Dianna reminded me.......I'm letting everyone know that I am doing well.....savoring the chilly weather and just taking one day at a time.  :)   


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1 Comment

Dianna Suter
By Dianna ;)
Yes!! Yes!! Yes!!
Ronda's world is exciting and the adventure of a lifetime... You are my inspiration!! When talking to you, I forget you are sick too!!! I think it has to do with ALL your positive energy!!! ALL your "got to LIVE for today's"!! ALL you kindness for others including me!!
Makes me realize while I am petrified of cancer returning I am wasting valuable time. Because whether it be tomorrow, 5 years, 20 years or never...I don't want to sit on my death bed saying I WASTED life waiting... I want to live!!! Live like RONDA!!! May God continue to see that those scans are all CLEAR!! Cause Ronda has lots of life left to LIVE!!!
Love you to the moon and back!! Thankful God reunited us (not for the reason, still wish it was being Hooter girls at the restaurant if it had to be boob related) but HONORED to call you friend!!!
Keep on living!!!! Xoxo