Alive and tough cookie

So....lately I have been updating my Facebook like a mad woman....but forgotten my caring bridge.......I many that stop posting on here may have passed on....BUT NOT ME :)

I can tell you that I have been living life to the fullest and then some.  I run myself ragged, recoop, and then head out for more.......

I always plan to come on here and always want to be witty and entertaining (ha ha ha). 

My scans in September are I continue chemo every 3 weeks and just keep pushing on.  I must say that at times I forget that "I'm sick" and keep wondering if they read the wrong scan/labwork, etc.  

So as my dear friend Dianna reminded me.......I'm letting everyone know that I am doing well.....savoring the chilly weather and just taking one day at a time.  :)   


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