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Time has slipped by........

I can't believe it has been MONTHS since I have many wonderful things and so many heartaches....but I am still here.  

Rain is falling around me tonight and I took a moment to jump in a few puddles, race to the door, and laugh and how drenched I was in a matter of is good.  My scans last month showed no evidence of disease......I'm working, My hair is blonde again.....heck, I finally have hair.  So many things have happened...good and bad.....and so many times I don't blog when i am having a tough time which I am realizing is so not realistic......a new goal is to show the good and the bad.   But tonight .......the good.

I recently came back from the BVI.....a bit of fun, sun, and sailing........and I returned home to a voicemail.   A story was done on me last year......and shown on the military Channel by a wonderful woman named Alicia......MY nominated for an EMMY!  How amazing is that.  I just want to thank Alicia for talking to me one day in Chemo and deciding to spotlight a bit of my fight.  Thank you Alicia for showing me what I have been through, how far I have come and how I have so much more to do with my life. I'm sick with an incredible ear infection, have battled MRSA and shingles (at the same time) this past year.......I'm smiling. 

Here is a link to a bit of the story........fingers crossed...........