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life it .......AWESOME

I just wanted to check in and and let everyone know that I am doing well.....New Zealand was incredible and well.......I think I found MY place in the world.  I think.....actually, I plan to end up there someday.  So many tears today......... tears of thanks.  Thankful for the ability to travel, the time off, the money to pay for it, the health and strength to do it, the lack of no internet and No phone (which I don't miss), the amazing strangers who are now friends, the fabulous guides, the never ending scenery, the tears to remind me I AM alive, and the happiness of just being on this earth. 

I am a better person for having went to New Zealand.  I'm heart is smiling and my soul is full of love....( I know I"m sounding cheesy)   I have soooooooooo many stories to tell, but I will start by just letting everyone know I am alive. 

Cheers to life everyone.  I am just so keeps bringing me to tears.  Life is just amazing..........just live it.  Each and every one of you.....just SAVOR, LIVE, and LOVE.......LIFE.

xoxoxoxo to all of you......thank you for all following me and loving me.

ronda :)  (the world traveler.......slowly being reconstructed)!!!!!!!!