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Ronald’s Story

This is Ronald's story.  A young man who fought valiantly to beat Burkitt's Leukemia.  His love now shines down on each of us from Heaven.


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This is the story of a young man's courage. Ronald was admitted into A I Dupont hospital on February 27,2008 for a Grade IV liver laceration from a backyard football game with his friends. For 7 weeks doctors worked vigorously to support his body's functions in efforts to allow his liver laceration to heal on it's own to avoid a large operation. On April 12, 2008 after many failed attempts at feeding Ronald from a feeding tube that goes way past his stomach into parts of the intestine the decision was made to take Ronald to surgery to remove the left lobe of his liver. The surgery was a success! After sending the left lobe for biopsy a horrifying truth was told. Ronald was diagnosed with Burkitt's Leukemia. His prognosis is better then 50% survival and cure rate! We'll share day by day Ronald's courageous battle toward coming home and coping with his disease. He gains his encouragement from kind words of friends and family. Thanks so much for visiting his site!

Latest Journal Update


It's been 1462 days (4 years!!) It seems like forever and yesterday all in the same moment.  Steph, Haiden and I went to see you today. Others dropped off beautiful flowers to you as well.  Although Haiden doesn't remember you because he was only 5 weeks old when you were admitted to the hospital that scary February day, he definitely knows you're his big brother and that you are in Heaven now. 

Thanks to everyone for the support.  Light the Night Walk was great,  Fishing for a Cure raised $490 for a desperately needed cure!!

We LOVE you so much, Ronald!!!!!  We'll always remember....... Ronald Lee Phillips III,  June 8, 1995 - October 17, 2008

Praying to see the day when cancer is no longer!  Until then,  we'll continue to fight for every person who's life is affected by those words.

Enjoy the fall!  Red for Ron coming up for the holidays!  That's where we take toys, movies, gift cards to A I Dupont for the kids who are in the fight!

Take care!

Becky (^^Ronald^^, Stephanie and Haiden's mom)