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My Favorite Dream

I'm on Spring Break this week so sleeping in is always a luxury. Yesterday morning I woke up after having my favorite dream...The Walking Dream.

In the dream, Dave, Rob, and I were hanging out in the living room after dinner. Dave and I on the couch and Rob in his wheelchair, resting his feet on the coffee table. Each of us on an electronic device enjoying the company and relaxing.

Rob says, "I'm ready to go to bed now." (A fairly typical request.)

Dave answers, "Okay. Just let me finish this up."

Without waiting, Rob pushes back from the coffee table, stands up from his wheelchair, and slowly walks down the hallway to his bedroom.

In the dream, Dave and I just watch full of pride and admiration.

So, yesterday, after waking up from this dream; I run to Rob's room and share it with him. When I get to the part about him walking down the hallway, he gets a huge smile on his face and says, "That's right. That's what's going to happen."


Last night at Support Group a woman who hasn't attended in years showed up. At first we didn't recognize each other but as she spoke, Dave and I remembered her.

When we mentioned it, She said, "I remember Rob had a huge wheelchair with all sorts of parts on it."

"Same chair," I said. "He's just improved and we've been able to take off the shoulder harnesses, the leg rests, the thigh and rib supports." As I listed all the parts we've removed from the chair, I thought how different Rob must look now. He sits taller in his chair and is so much more interactive with people.

"Wow. He's made huge improvements since I've been here," she said.

The three of us all smiled.


Finally, the Walk for Brain Injury is coming up at the end of this month. As usual, We are hoping Rob raises the most money and Dave and I have an unofficial contest between ourselves about who raises the most. We are thrilled that we will be able to walk with some of you. If you can join us, please do. If you can make a donation, Rob and I will send a thank you note. Either way, we appreciate your support.

Here's the link to our team page: