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A Good Day for Rob

Rob's dictating:

Today is rather chill. Just hanging out in Carmel while Dad gets fitted for his bike. He's getting ready for race season. We'll be going to lunch today and then dinner in Mountain View for my grandma's birthday.
That's what makes it a good day. There's lots of action for me.

Amy's turn:

Weekends used to be very hard for me.  Physically not being able to move Rob without a sling and less time to personally rejuvenate made weekends my hardest time of the week. This year Dave and I have gotten back into doing our own things which has helped us both. Dave is seriously biking and has entered several races and events. All the biking with Rob helped him realize he was in pretty great shape and should be competitive for his age group in cycling.
I am doing Pilates and ballroom dancing after school. I have found that spending time on myself after school helps me focus on Rob when I am home.

Rob continues to attend therapies and his vocal volume and short-term memory have definitely improved.

One of our current goals is to strengthen Rob's trunk muscles so he can sit by himself. He continues to work on walking, but because his trunk is weak he can't stand on his own.

Last semester, Rob came to my school and talked with several classes. Usually, that means I talk and show pictures, while Rob interrupts or makes inappropriate comments. He had established a reputation because after he visited a students said to me, "He didn't even swear. I thought he always swore."
I realized he had been completely appropriate on this visit!

He will be visiting again this week so I have fingers crossed that his trend continues.

We haven't heard from the bionic leg people in Marin so I am supposing that his lack of balance doesn't make him a good candidate for that therapy.

Each of us is working on maintaining our balance in our own ways.