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End of Summer Vacation

The summer has gone so quickly. We had a great time together. I did loads of paperwork for Rob. He needed paperwork to see if he could be an ectoskeleton pilot. I was hoping that would happen over the summer but apparently it is tougher to schedule than I realized. Now I'll just make sure to take a personal day to see Rob suit up like Ironman. Well not quite, but that's how I think of it.

We are working to change Rob's Adaptive Physical Education class from De Anza to West Valley College. When Rob first began Adaptive PE. De Anza was one of two junior colleges in our area that had a standing frame and a stationery bike that could be used from a wheelchair. He doesn't really need either of those pieces of equipment so I checked out West Valley's program in June.

The instructor is very nice and accommodating. The parking is free for Rob's wheelchair van and they have a machine that Rob can use from his chair for his arms. This particular apparatus has handles like his bike that he will hold onto and pull and push alternating his arms. We are hoping that will help stimulate his left arm more just as the biking cadence has helped his left leg.

In fact, as of this weekend, Dave calculated that he and Rob have ridden their bike 2,000 miles. Rob has made huge improvements and is seriously pedaling along with Dave. They average 10 miles an hour on most rides and have gotten up to 23 mph on some of their descents. Fortunately I haven't watched any of those.

We went to a comedy show at the Mountain Winery with friends and family. It was great fun and Rob still remembers parts of it. Another big improvement.

We also spent a week at a the beach. While we were there a movie was being filmed. We (I) volunteered our restrooms for the cast and crew to use. Everyone was so nice and we hung out with them all day. The movie is called "The Road Within" and it is scheduled to be released in 2014. Robbie Sheehan is the lead, he plays a kid with Tourette's Syndrome. When his mom dies, he goes to a facility run by Kyra Sedgwick. He befriends Dev Patel and Zoe Kravitz. Robert Patrick plays Robbie's father.

The last scene in the movie was shot in Capitola, not far from where we were, and we were invited to be in a crowd scene. They were hoping to shoot it before 6:00 PM but we were still waiting at 7:30. Rob was getting cold and said, "I'm freezing. Let's go home."

"No way," I said. You have a chance to be in a movie and that is one way you will for sure remember this vacation. We're staying."

We even got Deirdre's CCI vest on and positioned her on a wall in front of Rob's chair. Hopefully we won't end up on the cutting room floor.