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Livestrong Davis 2013

We just returned from our weekend in Davis where we successfully rode 45 miles again this year.

The ride started at 7:30 am which meant we were up and getting ready at 5:00. With Becky, Rick, and Gena it was easy to get to the starting line by 7:00 am. They all know what to do for Rob and Dave was able to put our bikes together as we got Rob in his bike gear.

There were about 800 riders this year and many of them passed me as we rode out of town. Dave and Rob were biking about 14 mph which was surprising since Rob's left leg had been bothering him. I wanted to pace myself so I let them ride on ahead. I figured if they needed anything they could wait until I caught up.

Within the first 10 miles I knew I couldn't ride 65 miles and didn't think Rob should. His cadence wasn't really steady and he seemed to be favoring his left leg.

Rick and Gena rode all 45 miles on one speed beach cruiser bikes. Other riders were impressed. I think theirs were the only one speed bikes on the ride.

I was amazed and thankful that Becky, Rick, and Gena were with us. They made it more fun and easier all around. Of course, they make everything easier and more fun.

One of the highlights was the Awards Dinner Saturday night. One of the Livestrong honchos was speaking and he said, "I was talking with Rob earlier about the word y'all..."

Rob turned to me and mouthed, "Is he talking about me?"

"Yes," I whispered.

Rob got a huge grin and mouthed, "That's right. He's talking about me."

That was one of the times I realized that it had been five years since Rob's accident. To be able to sit next to Rob with his huge smile and amazed expression was fantastic.

Another time I remembered the date was during the ride. I was tired and sweaty and pedaling behind Rob and Dave. I could hear them talking, but I couldn't hear what they were talking about. I thought how amazing that here we all were as a family on this bike ride to raise money for people fighting cancer. I was and am so proud of my family. We have all come a long way in five years.