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Welcome to Rob's CaringBridge site. Please check out the pictures (under resources you will find a link to the most current pictures), journal entries and links for information about Rob.

We read the guestbook entries to him regularly so feel free to leave him any words of encouragement you'd like to share.

On Monday, June 23, 2008, Rob was in a car accident that resulted in a traumatic brain injury. He was in a coma for five weeks at three different hospitals and came home after six months.

Rob suffered diffused axonal injury and is in a wheelchair. Currently, (2012) his torso is not strong enough to balance him and allow him to sit, or stand, without assistance. He is in therapies to help him be more independent.

Rob usually has two therapies each day. In addition to, physical therapy, speech therapy, occupational therapy, swim therapy, myofascial therapy, and voice lessons, Rob bikes regularly in a special tandem that his dad, Dave, designed and built for him.

Dave is a mechanical engineer who works in the medical device industry. Amy, Rob's mom, and Becky, Rob's sister, are teachers at Union Middle School. Rob's brother, Rick, works for Blackhawk in the Bay Area.


Amy Thompson posted a new journal entry, "A Visit With Dr. Smith".

Rob had an appointment with Dr. Smith today so that we could get the medical release signed for the ekto suit.I love going to see Dr. Smith because he is always amazed by ... Read more

Amy Thompson posted a new journal entry, "How Time Flies".

As I prepare for the ride in Davis this weekend, it occurred to me that this year's ride is on the fifth anniversary of Rob's accident. What a great way to show us just ... Read more

Amy Thompson posted a new journal entry, "A New Opportunity".

I always say we are so lucky and have the best support system. Here’s another example of that: One of the people, TJ, who was on Dave’s bike team in Utah is a physical ... Read more

Amy Thompson posted a new journal entry, "Livestrong 2013".

This year's Livestrong Davis ride is June 23rd. Yikes! Dave has signed us up for the 65 mile ride this year. As usual, I'm a bit skeptical/nervous about Rob's and my ... Read more

Amy Thompson posted a new journal entry.

Rob's dictating:We came across some pictures of Deirdre when she was a puppy. Her puppy raiser gave us an album when we met her. We are so lucky to have her. Please vote ... Read more

Amy Thompson posted a new journal entry, "Spread the Word".

Several folks have asked recently if we mind sharing our story. We never do. We feel so fortunate to have the support we have and we have learned so much. If you know of ... Read more

Amy Thompson posted a new journal entry, "A Sunday Ride".

Dave, Rob, and I went for a 44 mile bike ride today. We are about a month away from the Livestrong ride in Davis. I haven't ridden much and figured we should do a ... Read more

Amy Thompson posted a new journal entry, "Rob's First Night Out Without Family".

Last week, Dani texted and asked if she and Mike could take Rob to Hooter Palooza at a local bar. I'm not sure exactly what it involved other than Hooter employees. Dave ... Read more

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