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Welcome to Rob's CaringBridge site. Please check out the pictures (under resources you will find a link to the most current pictures), journal entries and links for information about Rob.

We read the guestbook entries to him regularly so feel free to leave him any words of encouragement you'd like to share.

On Monday, June 23, 2008, Rob was in a car accident that resulted in a traumatic brain injury. He was in a coma for five weeks at three different hospitals and came home after six months.

Rob suffered diffused axonal injury and is in a wheelchair. Currently, (2012) his torso is not strong enough to balance him and allow him to sit, or stand, without assistance. He is in therapies to help him be more independent.

Rob usually has two therapies each day. In addition to, physical therapy, speech therapy, occupational therapy, swim therapy, myofascial therapy, and voice lessons, Rob bikes regularly in a special tandem that his dad, Dave, designed and built for him.

Dave is a mechanical engineer who works in the medical device industry. Amy, Rob's mom, and Becky, Rob's sister, are teachers at Union Middle School. Rob's brother, Rick, works for Blackhawk in the Bay Area.


Amy Thompson posted a new journal entry, "What's Been Happening dictated by Rob".

Mom reminded me about this site and I wanted to throw out my two cents. Hello everyone reading this. Weird not knowing who I'm talking to. It's kind of like rambling. I'll ... Read more

Amy Thompson posted a new journal entry, "My Favorite Dream".

I'm on Spring Break this week so sleeping in is always a luxury. Yesterday morning I woke up after having my favorite dream...The Walking Dream.In the dream, Dave, Rob, ... Read more

Cynthia Towle signed Rob's Guestbook.

Hi Amy: This is the first notification that I've gotten in months, but happy to get it. Sounds like everyone is doing well - all good news. You just get more fabulous ... Read more

Jude Lamare signed Rob's Guestbook.

Great update and the message of balance is appropriate for everyone.  I enjoy keeping current with all three of you on Facebook.  Most of all I was thrilled we could ... Read more

Amy Thompson posted a new journal entry, "A Good Day for Rob".

Rob's dictating:Today is rather chill. Just hanging out in Carmel while Dad gets fitted for his bike. He's getting ready for race season. We'll be going to lunch today and ... Read more

Amy Thompson posted a new journal entry, "Rob's 25th Birthday".

Last Friday, the 13th was Rob's 25th birthday. As usual, I went into his room in the morning. I asked, "What day is today?""My birthday," he replied ... Read more

Amy Thompson posted a new journal entry, "End of Summer Vacation".

The summer has gone so quickly. We had a great time together. I did loads of paperwork for Rob. He needed paperwork to see if he could be an ectoskeleton pilot. I was ... Read more

Ingrid Wade signed Rob's Guestbook.

Hi Rob! I don't know if you remember me, but I am one of the therapist's at Myofascial Therapy. I haven't been there in the last year because I am being treated for ... Read more

Amy Thompson posted a new journal entry, "Livestrong Davis 2013".

We just returned from our weekend in Davis where we successfully rode 45 miles again this year.The ride started at 7:30 am which meant we were up and getting ready at ... Read more

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