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By Lynn Rasmussen — Jul 1, 2013 8:51am
Hey Robin.  So you're headed for a bunch of tests and blood draws.  Bet if cc's to cc's were to be measured I'd win the contest this week.  Went hiking in the woods and left the bug spray in the car.  Even got bites through my pants on my bum!  Must have a 1000 bites.  After applying Calamine, I look more like I have Chick Pox. Bet you envision some of the nurses as big mosquitoes.  Don't waste your time trying to swat 'em.  Trust me, they are everywhere and they just keep coming..  Imagine you don't find Mayo much of a cool place.  I can say, however, after spending days and weeks there that it is filled with wonderful history, inspiration and beauty.  Some pretty cool stuff just outside the MRI unit in the lobby.  I'll look forward to hearing what you find this trip that inspires you the most.  And, while you're there - take time to smell the flowers.  The campus is so beautiful this time of year.  I'll say an extra prayer or two and have all my fingers and toes crossed, too.