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Robin Bock, 13, is an 8th grader at Marshall Middle School in Marshall, Minnesota.  She is a bright and bubbly straight-A student who enjoys tennis, show choir, reading, and spending time with her friends and family. 

For the past few months, Robin has been dealing with severe headaches and what her doctor viewed as a lingering sinus infection. Last week her mom got fed up with the lack of progress we've been making, and Thursday, March 21st she demanded a CT scan.  The CT showed enlarged cerebral ventricles, so they ordered an MRI.  That was how they found a mass in Robin's brain.

The doctor called that night to tell Mr. and Mrs. Bock to bring Robin to the Children's Hospital in Minneapolis. This was the beginning of our journey.


Rosemary Bock posted a new journal entry, "New MRI results to come this week".

Hello, friends! Next week is going to be a big week for Robin so please put Tuesday, July 2nd on your prayer list for us. Not only will Robin be resuming chemo after a ... Read more

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Hello, Robin. I just want to wish you continued support on your unexpected medical journey. I'm the one who did a story about you in the Marshall Independent a few months ... Read more

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Oops!  The scatter brain strikes again.  Your dad had to remind me that you are being treated at Children's - not Mayo.  Robin, you'll forgive ... Read more

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Hey Robin.  So you're headed for a bunch of tests and blood draws.  Bet if cc's to cc's were to be measured I'd win the contest this week.  Went ... Read more

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Prayers sent your way for 2 great days ahead with great news! I continue to think and pray for you and your family. So glad to hear that you had a nice 2 weeks off. God ... Read more

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I am your first cousin once removed (Brian's sister & Aunt Dorothy's daughter) from Florida. I just received a copy of the "Reaching Out for Robin" article ... Read more

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Hey there, MISS FRESHMAN!!!!  Congrats on squeeking by into the 9th grade (yeah right - a 4.0!!!!! Awesome).  Hope our party was a success as it was last year.  You're ... Read more

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Way to Go Robin, We are so proud of you and send you our support. Your Great Aunt Doe Doe, (my mom) sends you her love and is so proud of you too. Glad you feeling a bit ... Read more

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