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On September 18, I was diagnosed with a brain tumor on my left temporal lobe, the part of your brain that controls speech and communication. This was a 1 ½ inch mass.

On Monday, September 24, I had surgery to remove most of the tumor. The following Thursday I found out the cancer I have is GBM, called Glioblastomo Multiforme.

Please go to this link:

The difficult news on GBM: its an aggressive cancer, that is usually fatal in 12 to 15 months. 

This background was updated in late April, about 8 months from the diagnosis back in September. Currently I am walking a bit slow, the tumor has grown some which is presenting some new challenges but they are manageable.

David Rishel has moved in with me, but is not acting as daily care giver. David runs his own business, I have some quiet time and seeing friends for lunch, etc. 

Some changes: my energy is good, taking time for my own artwork and listening to lots of books-on-tape, spending lots of time with my close community in NC and my family and connecting with many of you - your comments are always energizing!.

I am feeling positive about this journey. These months and those in the future I see as a celebration of life - taking every day, every week as gifts to be cherished. I encourage you to share this positive karma with me.

This site has allowed me to post the history to date and for you guys to leave me comments and share good wishes. YOUR GOOD VIBES continue to lift my spirits. I am bouncing MY GOOD VIBES back at ya. 

Best love. Be of good cheer. 



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