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Robby’s Story

Welcome to our CaringBridge site. We've created it to keep friends and family updated. We appreciate your support and words of hope and encouragement during this time when it matters most. For those who do not know our precious soldier, you can read about him in the background section.On Monday, November 5th, 2012, our son Robby suffered a tragic accident. While playing outside, Robby accidentally became pinned underneath a tree stump for an extended period of time. After being rescued by the West Redding Fire Department, he was found to be in cardiac arrest. In a combined effort between the fire department and paramedics from Danbury Health Care Affiliates, he was successfully resuscitated and transported to Danbury Hospital. He was stabilized and transferred by Lifestar helicopter to Connecticut Children's Medical Centers Pediatric Intensive Care Unit in Hartford. This journal will serve as an update to family, friends, and "no strangers only friends", all of whom we are so thankful to have rooting for team Robby! Love to every one of you!
About Robby:
Robby is a light to everyone he meets. He truly believes in no strangers, only friends, and will talk to and make friends with anyone! He doesn't have a mean bone in his body. He is compassionate and caring. He has a wonderful sense of humor, and can make everyone laugh, even on the bluest of days. He is extremely bright...beyond his years. Sometimes, we think he may be 4 going on 14. Robby is a very good boy with a very mischievous streak! He loves to question everything, will reason for anything he wants, and push limits, haha! Robby is an individual who always marches to the beat of his own drum! Robby talks to anyone and everyone he meets. He is a love to all! He enjoys anything army and superhero, doing projects and crafts, playing outside, the park, any and all vehicles, a variety of music, dogs and other animals, drums, video games, his dance lessons, reading, swimming, baseball, soccer, spending time with family and friends, and showing great curiosity about the world around him! We believe he will be restored fully and enjoy every one of his favorite activities again!

Latest Journal Update

Ordinary days...and extraordinary

My beloved friends,

It’s been too long -  I don’t know where all the time goes.  Well, maybe I do.  In large part I would say it is because we are doing more “normal” things.  Bob is golfing a couple times a week. I am teaching a Sunday School class (just once a month compared to the old multiple classes a week, but it was a huge step), as well as a few Aglow activities. I never hung a load of wash last year, but this summer I have every day the weather has permitted, with Robby keeping me company in his wheelchair. Bob, Robby and I take trips to the store once in a while. I don’t know, just normal things, but squeeze something that takes a couple hours into a day and time runs out.

There is a lot to catch up on,and not much at all. There haven’t been any major changes.  Health wise, the RSV in January has made it more difficult for Robby to fight respiratory challenges and he had a bout with allergies and pneumonia.  I can’t remember if you knew that already.  But I am happy to say that he is doing very well at this time. 

Meanwhile, he is huge! If my mother-in-law was still living, he would be just about as tall as she (all the kids were tickled to meet that milestone).  As of May 15, he was 72.5# and 52”.  Every time someone sees him that hasn’t for a bit they are shocked at how tall he is.  And the medical friends always double check his age with incredulous expression. He still is doing well with flexibility and skin condition.

The school situation has not settled.  I have not met another person, including medical professionals teachers, therapists or other professionals in other school systems that has ever heard of a school system trying not to let a student enroll.  They are stunned, no matter Robby’s ability to respond. And that’s what Somers wants to be known by? I don’t want to write a lot about it,because it is still in legal battle status. And everything I say will be used against Robby. It’s sad, but I pray they see the value of every life. Anyway, nothing there has yet changed.

 See, it doesn’t seem like much to write about.  EXCEPT for what I have to share with you.  Some of you have seen a video I posted earlier in the week on my facebook page.  I couldn’t wait to find the time to put this together to share it with all of you who have so faithfully prayed and believed for the best for Robby.  I am going to try to post it on here.  If it doesn’t work, please try #TeamRobby on facebook. You know someone who is on fb, even if you’re not, right? :) In case it doesn’t work and you can’t see it, Robby has been responding to us having him ring bells. On the day I made this video, which starts off with me turning around to get into position – really not good at this – and just gets better and better as it goes, he had already been doing it for some time – at least twice as long as the video time.

Bob had him doing it yesterday by playing the video – when he heard it, he played the bells.  It takes great effort by him.  He works hard…little soldier.  The other wonder happened at horse therapy three weeks ago.  It was a hot day, so the girls were walking the horse under the riding ring roof, because it was cooler.  It’s open on both ends, so it creates a bit of a wind tunnel if there’s a breeze.  Well, who knew, but horses don’t like the wind! It makes them jittery.  So they took turns walking under there for the coolness and down the driveway to another field where the horse was happier, but it was hot and buggy with no-see-ums.  On the second trip down  the drive, all at once, Robby sat bolt upright without leaning on the bolster and started laughing his head off. His head got to be too far back for him to regain control, so one of the girls helped him right it and lie back down over the bolster.  The whole thing lasted about a minute. We were so excited (so were they) that neither of us could get our phones out and going in time.  Back under the roof, he shook his head on the bolster numerous times – another first.  Back out in the driveway, he sat up and laughed again.  It wasn’t for as long,and though I was holding my phone at the ready, it wouldn’t turn on and swipe open on time.

So, you see – not much has changed, but boy, have things changed!  Keep believing.  This world needs to know the love of the LORD, and even more so as the days grow darker. Bob and I truly believe the miracle will be full in the fullness of time…for him and his other new friends who have lost their voice and movement, but are full of their spirits which will be set free as a display for His honor and glory.

May God’s peace and joy be with you.


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Kathy Usher
By Beth Usher
Thinking of you and praying always for a miracle!!!
Joyce Gottier
By Joyce Gottier
SO good to hear from you, Judy:) I loved the stories about Robby and one can only wonder how much more the good Lord knows beyond what we can see with our eyes and hear with our ears. I can only imagine how you were overjoyed at Robby's laughter! I continue to marvel at the supernatural spirit, strength and faith which you and Bobby model for so many. I'm glad you're able to do some "normal" things to encourage and uplift you for this long journey. May God's peace and joy abound in you as you continue in faith. Love, Joyce
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By Indy
Praise God all mighty for this miracle in progress... I'm so honored to be even a spec in this precious child's life ♡ Judy and Bob, you are so very blessed ♡♡♡
1 person hearted this
Sue Shaw
By Susan Shaw
I saw the video with the bells! I knew he could respond with music! So happy that he also laughed! What sweet music to your ears!
1 person hearted this
Kathy Usher
By Beth Usher
1 person hearted this
Anita Wages
By Anita Wages
Love this post Judy. Yes, you told us a lot and I just smiled when you talked about Robby and the horse ride. So amazing. Love it.
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