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Robert M.’s Story



Welcome to the "C Crew" Cunningham CaringBridge site. It has been created to keep friends and family updated about our loved one.


March, 2010 -- I'm finallying updating the Background Story.

Our initial journey began on Sunday, September 9, 2007 when Robert was diagnosed with Leukemia at Bowling Green. Within 1 1/2 hours of being diagnosed, it became imminent to be air- lifted.  After fourteen hours, we arrived in Memphis, Tennessee at the most gigantic place named St. Jude Children's Research Hospital. After multiple rounds of chemotherapy induction, Robert regained remission on November 30, 2007. There were 3 set-backs that kept us from going to transplant. On December 3, 2007, we arrived inpatient to begin preparation for transplant on December 10, 2007. Emily, Robert's (2yo, 2mo) baby sister was the perfect match. On Christmas morning, he began engrafting!! THE REST WAS HISTORY UNTIL...

July 2, 2009, we received a phone call that Emily's cells in Robert's body (called "chimerism") was declining too low for our doctor's liking. On July 10, 2009, Emily (almost 4yo) had to donate leukocyte cells to her brother. It was a long and hard day and one that will not easily be wiped from this momma's memory. Emily was able to donate 2 and 7/8 doses of cells. The additional doses were given to Robert at different increments, with not much success.

September and October, 20009, GI attacks were happening every-other-night and sometimes every-night and was making us all weary warriors. Each attack required trips to the ER each and every time. The gastro-intestinal doctor in Nashville had no idea what was wrong. No one could help identify where or why the pain.

On November 9, 2009, Robert was diagnosed "relapsed". We returned to St. Jude on November 11, leaving our home and family and friends behind us-- heading to a new road of recovery and remission. Remission was attained on December 9, 2009. However, because of a new chemo that was given to Robert, he was burned from his scalp to the bottom of his feet.

On February 2, 2010, the day we were to become inpatient to begin procedures for transplant, Robert was diagnosed with RSV, a highly contagious virule lung infection in children and immuno-suppressed individuals. Our transplant was postponed. However, as I update the Background, we are headed into our 7th week of RSV and we are unsure of when our transplant will be scheduled. And, we have, for the 3rd time relapsed. However, the GI attacks are very few and far between now.

Our 42-yo donor awaits us. If he is not able, we have 3 other perfect matches on stand-by. THANK YOU LORD!!

Our mountains have been multiple!! Our journey has been hard!! Our family has stuck together!! Our friends have grown with us!! And, we are good and ready to TO GO, TO FIGHT, AND TO WIN THIS JOURNEY THAT GOD HAS GIVEN US!!

Please continue on the journey with us. ONE DAY AT A TIME-- WE WILL OVERCOME THIS MONSTER CALLED CANCER!!!

Latest Journal Update


I know I shouldn't or am not supposed to focus on the past.  But, it is so much easier said than done. 

It's one of those days that I know what I was doing on this very date last year.  And, tonight, I find myself having one of those hard-to-find-sleep nights.  

After work, it became necessary that I take Emily to the doctor for a bad ear ache.  I guess God has a way to occupy your time and get your mind off things for a short time.  So, I guess with tonight's ear ache and challenges, I find myself still awake.

Last year on this date, we were admitted to the hospital and were seeing black eruptive lesions appearing on Robert's skin.  I cannot believe the journey.  NEVER would I have thought it would have ended the way it did.  NEVER.

The one-year mark for angel wings will be soon.  But for now, the next two weeks are going to be difficult.   Within the last 6 weeks, I felt like I was really beginning to come out of the "funk" with the last year really being a big big blur.  I'm not sure how I/we actually made it through but I/we did.  For me, I guess it was all systematic when I went back to work.  There were weeks upon weeks that I really don't remember any specifics. 

Robert's friend/our friend, Mikey, earned his wings on the 17th, almost one year ago.  He earned his wings 9 days before Robert earned his.  So, right now, I mourn MIkey and my heart bleeds for Dina.  Because Robert was so sick, we didn't get to say our last respects~~ little difficult to say the least.

So, with this, I ask that you all continue to pray for each of us and help us through this unbelievably crazy nightmare that I/we still hope to wake from. 

OH YEAH~~  can't forget this::: 
The St. Jude Dream Home is going up quickly.  If you haven't purchased your ticket I strongly urge you to get involved, purchase your chance, and maybe win another Darrel Sweets' marvelously constructed home.   We all know that the ticket price goes to a great GREAT cause!!!!  And, if you don't know, just ask me!!!!

With love from my angel's wings,
Kim, Em and Daddy R