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If you know Ricky odds are you love him, to paraphrase the saying. Right now Ricky and his family need all the love and support they can get. On July 2nd my friend fell from his hotel window on the fourth floor, and he is now in a grueling fight to recover from his grievous injuries and return home to all of us. With the help of his family I will be using this site to keep his friends and loved ones informed, and to rally the support he will surely need on the road to recovery. With everyone's help, and the help of God, we can bring Ricky home, healthy and safe.

With Sincere Thanks,

Patrick Cannon

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Rosi Przybilla signed Ricky's Guestbook.

Joe and I are so happy to hear that Ricky is coming home.  It will be so much better for him to have his family and friends near him.  It is the answer to all our ... Read more

Marjorie-Lee Hane signed Ricky's Guestbook.

Good news!! Thank you for all your updates. Though I only knew Ricky when I was the room mom at MHT all those years ago. I was able watch him grow as one of the new kids ... Read more

Elroy Sequeira posted a new journal entry, "Update from Darrell".

" Update on Sept 7 at 5.15pmFolks: Ricky is currently en route from Rome to Minneapolis. Expected Time of Arrival to University of Minnesota Fairview Hospital this ... Read more

Erich Rutten signed Ricky's Guestbook.

God bless you Ricky... And your entire family! You continue to be in my prayers. Read more

Christopher De Mello signed Ricky's Guestbook.

Dear Ricky, Your uncle,aunt,& cousins Gabriella,Clarence & Karleen [ Goa, India] are all praying for you & a complete recovery of all your injuries.May God ... Read more

Shauna Hennessy signed Ricky's Guestbook.

Ricky - Making wishes for your recovery. There are so many fond memories I have with you from high school, but most of all I still remember your smile and chuckle. With ... Read more

Anne Deneen signed Ricky's Guestbook.

Dear Ricky, Elroy posted the most honest and beautiful message about your status.  In it he expresses all the things that we wish we could do for you right now.  Hold ... Read more

Elroy Sequeira posted a new journal entry, "August 20th Update from Gary".

Hi Guys,Just a quick update: Ricky is doing a little better this week. He had the surgery done on his femur, to join the bone and fix some muscle tissue. His elbow also ... Read more

Rosi Przybilla signed Ricky's Guestbook.

Your last update was very uplifting.  To hear of Ricky's improvements and that he is talking with you all is such good news.  You will all continue to be in our ... Read more

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