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I believe this comes to an end of our journey on earth with Rick...but a beginning of eternity that we will share.  He so much enjoiyed reading all the comments you had many times during the day he would pick up the lap top.  We can not thank you enough  for everything you have done for Rick and the family.  He is at rest with no more pain and in God's hands and is at His home.  I thank everyone who spoke their words to Rick and the family and what you have shown.  With all our love and blessings to you, in God's grace...The family of Rick Pearson
p.s. in the last couple days since the quiet times have begun, it is so true that is when the difficult days begin.. physically and is truly one day at a time.  thank you for everyone who is there to help the family through this process.  With all my love and from the family.  Wendy