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Rick was diagnosed with colon cancer in 1999 and the cancer has metastasized.  Rick has undergone several chemo and radiation treatments and has had significant surgeries to remove tumors.  Rick's cancer has deemed terminal years ago but through much treatments, prayer, and sheer strength, Rick has continued to beat the odds.

December of 2004 it had spread to his plueral lining of the lungs.  After that point, it has been continous chemo treatments and also radiation treatments to rib areas and lower back.  After unsucessful treatments, he was put on clinical studies at Mankato and the University of Minnesota.
March of 2010 he had major back surgery from top to bottom...a 15 hour surgery due to cancer around his spinal cord.
His determination led him back to work!!!
The end of November 2010 he was having difficulty walking again and discovered more cancer on the spinal cord and the top of his neck and brain.  He underwent more back surgery and radiation to the brain.
On January 2011 he was very short of breath...admitted to hospital and was put into hospice care.  He was doing well at home until Feb. 7, 2011 when he fell and broke his femur.  He had surgery on the 8th and remains in the hospital at this point.

Rick and Wendy, his wife of 7 years, reside in Mankato where Rick has proudly worked in the service department at Mankato Motors since 1991.  Rick grew up in Le Sueur, MN where his father, Bud (Charles), still resides.  Rick is the father of Emily and Dan (Kayleigh) Pearson, and the brother of Linda O'Malley.

Ricks' ongoing battle with cancer has put considerable financial strain on him and Wendy.  There was a Pancake Benefit on January 30th at Hilltop United Methodist Church, Mankato
If you would like to make a donation, send to:
Rick Pearson Benefit Fund
US Bank
312 Raintree Rd., Mankato, MN 56001
The money raised will go towards the daily/medical expenses of Rick and Wendy.

Please visit this website as often as you'd like and send love and support to Rick and his family through this difficult time.


Kari Simon-Benning signed Rick's Guestbook.

Good Morning, Wendy! What a pleasant surprise to read today's paper and come across an aricle about Rick in the Outdoors section by John Cross.  Another wonderfully ... Read more

Sandy Miller signed Rick's Guestbook.

Wendy, It truly was a beautiful service, one that I know brought you some comfort. I continue to think of you and pray that you are doing as good as you can at this point ... Read more

Fred & Stacy Vanderwerf signed Rick's Guestbook.

Wendy - I've been thinking of you and praying for you all day today.  I like what you wrote about this being the first day of a journey WE must take.  I hope you always ... Read more

Prycilla O'Malley posted a new journal entry.

Today, was the first day of a journey that we are to take.  I have heard Rick's voice and feel his presence.  I started to get pictures sorted back into the photo ... Read more

John Wood signed Rick's Guestbook.

Rick's celebration of life and his relationships with Wendy, his family and special friend Eddie was the most touching experience I have had in a long time. It is amazing ... Read more

june plekkenpol signed Rick's Guestbook.

Ho w proud I am of being just a small part of ricks life.I have never wittnessed such a wonderfu pastor service music friends and love ones rick was a wonderfulgod loving ... Read more

jesse severson signed Rick's Guestbook.

We will miss you greatly my friend! The funniest thing I heard all day was about you, your van, loud speakers and lots of Kool-Aid being drank! You were a inspiration for ... Read more

Prycilla O'Malley posted a new journal entry.

Today was the day that I've often thought about for so many is God's stength and love from family and friends that pulls you through.  It was an amazing, ... Read more

Adeline Riha signed Rick's Guestbook.

Wendy  & family,  Although words seem to say so little, may they help in some small way to ease the sense of loss that you are experiencing.  Hold fast to your ... Read more

sandra spinler signed Rick's Guestbook.

Wendy and Ricks family Ricks service was a beautifull celebration of his life.  Every part of it was just so special.  May God comfort you through the days ... Read more

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