Rick’s Story

Welcome to our CaringBridge site for Rick Boden.

In July, 2012 Ricky was diagnosed with stage 4 melanoma.  This site will provide updates as Rick battles and defeats this disease.

We appreciate your support and words of hope and encouragement.  Rick, Jenn, Allison and Anna feel your love and strength everyday!

Now for a little history -- direct from Rick:  Back in 2009 I visited the dermatologist to investigate a suspicious mole on my neck.  It was decided that it needed to come outwith fairly wide margins--about 5mm all around.  The lesion was cut out as well as several lymph nodes.  The nodes were tested to determine if the cancer had metasticized.  The results came back negative.  The biopsy on the lesion came back positve and I was told that it was Stage 1b Melanoma.  I was also told that all of the cancer had been removed. Thesurgery was performed by Dr. Preston Rice and took place at the Harrison Medical Center in Bremerton, WA, on September 25,2009.

I have been seeing a dermatologist regularly since then (initially every three months for 1 1/2 years and every 6 months since then).  I have had about20 or so moles removed in that time and biopsies have all come back negative.  The dermatologist's name is Dr. Irene Buno.

At my most recent dermatology appointment, Dr. Buno scraped off a mole and the results of the biopsy came back abnormal.  Also during that appointment,on a whim I asked her if there was a chance that even though the lymph node biopsies that were done in '09 came back negative that it was possible that the cancer had spread.  She thought it unlikely, but ordered a blood test tobe sure.  The results came back with elevated LDH levels.  She reordered the test and had me make an appointment with the oncologist, Dr.Moacyr de Oliveira.  At my initial appointment, he showed a little concern about the LDH levels, performed a physical exam and ordered a CT Scan. That was performed on July 6.  I met with Dr. Oliveira on July 11 and he told me that he has several concerns about the results of the scan.  Additional scans were performed and the diagnosis of stage 4 melanoma was confirmed.

Latest Journal Update

Park Bench Memorial

Hi, all. I'm posting something from my good friends, Dawn and Elizabeth :-). They put the same message on Rick's Facebook page, but some of you who may want to contribute might not be on Facebook. What a fantastic and beautiful memorial. Love to all!

Hello family and friends of Rick,

To honor Rick, we would like to purchase a memorial bench that will be custom made and located near the beach in Fort Ward. Those of you who are from Bainbridge Island are probably familiar with the memorial benches on the island. For those of you who are not familiar with them, they are beautiful wooden benches with custom inscribed plaques. Jennifer has chosen Fort Ward as the site for the bench, since Rick loved to go there often to walk Barley (photos of Fort Ward and a sample bench are attached). 

The Memorial Park Bench program is run through Bainbridge Island Parks and Recreation.  The cost of the bench and plaque is $1850.  Jennifer will be able to choose the exact location and write the inscription, and the City of BI will create and install the bench.

We would like everyone who loved Rick to have the opportunity to be a part of this memorial. An account has been set up at Chase Bank to accept donations.  If you would like to contribute, you can do so by writing a check made payable to: "Jennifer Boden, Donation Account" (it must be written exactly like that; my name, Dawn Weber, and the branch location, Bainbridge Island, can be used as a reference, although not necessary). Checks can either be deposited directly at any Chase Bank branch, or sent to me and I will be happy to make the deposit. If you would like to send it to me, please email me at DawnPWeber@msn.com and I will send you my mailing address. All donations received in excess of the cost of the bench will be given directly to Jen. 

We are looking forward to giving Jen, Allison, and Anna this gift - a special place dedicated to their wonderful husband and father.

Thank you,

Dawn Weber and Elizabeth Greene