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Rick’s Story

On February 29, 2008 Rick was rushed to the hospital with what turned out to be a strep A virus that had begun to attack his body. After several major surgeries including the amputation of both legs above the knee and three months in intensive care, he beat the odds. Click on MY STORY to read more about Rick and his family

On February 29, 2008, the lives of our family changed forever. My husband Rick had a sore throat and within 72 hours, our children (Raena, Ryan and Ross – seven year old triplets), Rick and I were rushing to the hospital. What is a common virus, Strep A, went into Rick’s system and turned into a super bug. The virus effectively shut down his system from heart failure (coding twice) to kidneys, to liver to circulation. He had toxic shock with only 5% odds of recovering. After several major surgeries (including the amputation of both legs above the knee) and three months in intensive care, he beat the odds. He’s physically changed but, his strength of will; great attitude and humor have stayed intact. He is an inspiration to me and the children. We’re now calling him ‘Super Daddy’.

We have begun a new chapter in our lives. We have made many modifications in our home to accommodate his needs including purchasing a wheel chair lift and remodeling rooms. We have great hope that he will be able to have prosthetic legs, but the cost of this is $60,000-$100,000 per leg plus physical therapy and fitting ranging approximately $25,000. Rick does not qualify for social security disability or medical assistance. A benefit is being planned to help with the expenses.

Despite all of this, we are united in our home once again. Rick returned home on June 27th, just two days shy of four months in the hospital. We are now working towards adapting to our new life. We live each day with great pleasure and joy. We are achieving our “New Normal” and facing our challenges with humor and determination. We will get Rick out in the community again, he will drive again, take care of our children again and with great hope and dedication, he will walk again. We have today and are blessed with each new day.

Latest Journal Update


My Family and I would like to thank John Michael for producing a wonderful story about our family and the Holm family, utilizing C-Legs, to get our lives back to normal by being able to walk again. It aired last night on Fox 9 at 9pm. For those of you outside of the Twin Cities or those of you that may have missed it here is the Fox 9 link to the story:

Also if I may ask you to please pray for a young friend of our family, Kyle Cook, he had a rare form of kidney cancer and up until today seemed to be cancer free. But on his check up this time, they found a small spot on his lung and he will have to undergo another surgery soon. He has been a classmate of the triplets since they were in pre-school and remains a close friend of our family. Here is his Caring bridge web page:

Kyle says he will fight and beat this cancer as he did the last time and we will by his side until he does.

Rick =)