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  • Written Feb 14, 2010 4:59pm

       Richelle is doing good and enjoying her "day off".  The last couple of nights have been really good for her and she has been able to get good rest.  They have started Richelle on a more rigorous PT schedule.  Although it's the same time frame, she is working harder.  This past Friday they had her out on the mats in the gym.  This is really good for her, but still tough at the same time, as her neck is still trying to heal from the accident and then the surgery.
       Richelle has had lots of wonderful visitors, so I wanted to thank everyone who continues to come and see her.  She really enjoys all of you.  Even one of Richelle's nurses from the ICU floor stopped by to say hi the other day.
       A big thank you to everyone for all that they are doing for my entire family.  I feel so blessed to have Richelle as a sister, and even more so to be surrounded by such an amazing community!
  • Written Feb 11, 2010 10:23am

       Richelle still continues to do well.  They are trying to get her to be up in her chair for 45 minutes without having to do a "tip-back" in it to get the blood flowing.  As soon as this happens she will be on her bike and they will start exercising her legs.  They plan to hook up electrodes to certain areas of her legs and this will get the muscles moving.  She also has to have stabilized BP for this to happen and we are still waiting for that.  But her arm workouts are continuing and she is doing really well with that.  Her attitude still shocks me every time I see her.  She cracks jokes and is still as positive as ever.
       As for her interview on Fox News.  They have changed it due to some scheduling conflicts with the Olympics.  So her interview will now air on Monday, February 15 at 10:00 pm.  This is on Channel 13.
       Thank you to everyone for all of your support.  It just amazes me how many wonderful people are out there rallying behind my family.  I can't thank you all enough!
  • Written Feb 10, 2010 11:34am

       Richelle remains upbeat and still has a smile on her face.  Her leg is continuing to have more and more involuntary movements every day.  Even though she can't feel them YET, this is a good sign.  Dad told her he was going to tickle her foot again, and Richelle said no I don't want to be tickled and without anyone touching her, her leg pulled away!  We were all so excited to see this.  She is doing great in her PT and goes longer and longer each day on the hand bike.
       As for Richelle's interview on Q13 Fox News, this will be Thursday, NOT Wednesday at 10:00 pm.  Sorry for the wrong informationt that I gave you yesterday.  For those of you that are on my facebook, I will post this interview as soon as it is available on my facebook page.
       Thank you all so much for your continued support.  We are all so blessed to have such an amazing group of people surrounding us.

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