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  • Written Feb 22, 2010 11:36am

       I'm sorry that this past week slipped by me and I didn't post a lot...life gets busy sometimes.  Richelle had a great week last week and great weekend.  She was able to venture outside in her chair and get some good Vitamin D that we are having here with this wonderful weather.  She even gave her nephew, Tyler, another ride.  I don't know which one likes to go faster, Richelle or Tyler?  Richelle's movement is getting better each day.  The big thing that happened on Friday was that her wrists were able to move when she tried to move them.  They only move a couple of times, as her muscles are really weak, but we will take it!  
       Her appetite is starting to get a little better now that they are giving her some medication for that.  Between her not burning a lot of calories during the day and the cafeteria food, she was not wanting to eat a whole lot.
       Richelle is getting anxious to get out of the hospital.  Right now they are telling her March 11th, and she has the countdown on.  
  • Written Feb 17, 2010 11:29am

       Richelle continues to make strides forward every day.  Yesterday she was able to feed herself an apple without help from anyone and she also brushed her teeth by herself!  Richelle doesn't think that this is a big deal, but to us every little thing is a great accomplishment.  And this morning Richelle felt it when they gave her a shot in the stomach (around her belly button area)!  Her attitude is still amazing to me and everyone around her.  She truly is a little fighter and refuses to give up. 
       I want to continue to thank everyone for all of their love and support.  I know that I say this all the time on here, but we are just in awe of everyone and everything that you are doing.
       There are still tickets available for the County Cares concert at the Swiss in Tacoma on February 28.  This starts at 3:00 pm and tickets are $20.  This goes to benefit not just Richelle, but the children of Officer Kent Mundell as well.  Please continue to keep them in your prayers on a daily basis, as this is a very difficult time for them.  Tickets can be purchased at www.brownbagtickets.com and search "Country Cares".
  • Written Feb 15, 2010 9:57am

       Richelle enjoyed her day off yesterday.  She is on her "Holiday Schedule" today, which consists of her starting at 10:30 and finishing by2:30.  I tried to explain to Richelle that, "yes this is a 1/2 day".  But she told me, "No, 4 hours is not a half day, it's almost a full day!"  But either way, she works out pretty good.  Even before bed last night she had me doing her stretches for her so that she doesn't lose anything that she is gaining.  She had a great night and got a lot of sleep.  I asked her if she normally always gets a lot of sleep when I stay here with her, because it always seems that way.  She told me, "I think you just are a hard sleeper!"  lol  wink*wink*
       Thank you for all the continued prayers.  Richelle improves a little each day with small progress.  I will try and keep you all updated as often as I can, but this will more than likely go to me updating this page two or three times a week now.  Between working and taking care of Tyler and being up here, and that being coupled with there not being a lot of changes I think the updates will be every other day.  Of course if there is any major changes or updates I will do those right away.  Thank you again for everything.  On behalf of my entire family we are so grateful for everything!

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