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  • Written Mar 7, 2010 8:59am

       Richelle is getting more feeling lower and lower.  We are so thankful for this.  At the beginning they said she wouldn't be able to feel anything below her chest and she can now feel things in her lower abdomen!  She continues to work hard during PT and OT and is getting very excited to leave Harborview!  She is such a little trooper and has such a sweet disposition every time I see her.  She still has a hard time having much of an appetite, but we are hoping that when she gets home this will change, since she won't be eating cafeteria food.
       Thank you so much to everyone who contributed to any and all of the reconstruction on my parents home.  We are so thankful to every single one of you.  And although I know it will be impossible to personally thank each one of you, I want you to know just how appreciative we are.  You can follow updates on how the house is coming and also see pictures of the entire process at www.heacockfund.com  Thank you again to everyone!
  • Written Mar 3, 2010 6:00pm

       Richelle keeps improving more and more every day.  Today she fed herself an entire apple with no help!  Although this is frustrating for her when we get excited over this, she is trying to see what she is doing is big progress. 
       We are a just a week away from her coming home (YAY!  Finally!).  We are all so excited, and nervous for this to happen.  We can't wait to see all of the hard work everyone has done on my parents house, as well as, see Richelle at HOME!  At the same time, we aren't sure how life is going to be without being next to a medical staff 24/7.
       Thank you to everyone for all that you have done.  We are so grateful to every single person who has done anything and everything for my family.  God bless you all!
  • Written Feb 26, 2010 2:00pm

       Richelle had her first REAL trip yesterday.  She was able to go over to Bellevue and visit Barb and Bill Neville at their gym.  She really enjoyed this, as Barb and Bill are very close with Richelle, so I think it was good for everyone.  Richelle's attitude is still great and she really enjoys all of her visitors that come by her room.  She can't wait to be released and get home to be around her normal surroundings.
       Richelle has also been using the stationary bike pretty much every day.  They have hooked electrods (sp?) up to her legs and this forces the muscles to move.  She went 24 minutes on the bike and LOVED it!  She said even though she was unable to feel her legs she really loved the workout that she got.
       Thank you for all of your prayers and support.  We are all so blessed to have each and every one of you. 

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