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Richard Somerville has been diagnosed with cancer and needs our help and support as he faces the toughest battle of his life. While Richard is a deeply personal man, he has reached more people than he will ever know. Whether they have been inspired by pictures of Richard’s phenomenal fishing captures, or have been helped personally with tips, information, or messages of support from Richard, he has touched the lives of almost everyone in the North American carp fishing.

Richard, his wife, and his young children will need all the support we can muster for him as he faces this critical battle.

Hailing from Grantham, Lincolnshire, in the UK, Richard has fished with some of the biggest names in the business on both sides of the pond. He was one of the first anglers in the UK to use carp fishing icon Rod Hutchinson’s prototype flavors and additives!

Richard is a noted big-fish specialist, and possibly the most well-known name in North American carp and buffalo angling. Richard’s guide service has seen him take clients visiting North, Central and East Texas and put them on some world-class fish.

He is well known in wider fishing circles too, having guided some famous clients. He filmed an episode of Reel Fishy Jobs with Mark Melnyk of the World Fishing Network, and was on camera with Doug Stange of InFisherman--the episode will be broadcast later this year. Although not one to claim official records, Richard is the holder of several unofficial lake records for carp and smallmouth buffalo, including a 67lb buffalo captured at Lake Fork.

In fact, although he would hate to hear this, Richard has done more than anyone to put Lake Fork on the carp and buffalo fishing map. He was instrumental in getting the inaugural Lake Fork Carp and Buffalo Challenge tourney off the ground, and has spent innumerable hours working with Wild Carp Companies, the Lake Fork Sportsmans Association, and CarpPro, finding new property to peg, walking the banks and mapping miles of shoreline for fishing sites. Not only that, he has fished many, many hours on the lake, pulling in monster fish and showing the quality of carp and buffalo on offer to anglers coming from all over North America and Europe to fish the lake. His accomplishments have already gone a long way to raising the profile of the sport, in North America and around the world, and he has raised the awareness of the sport with Texas Parks and Wildlife Department, who are keenly monitoring the growth of rough fish angling in the state.

Please let Richard and his wife and young family know that he can win this battle, that his friends are here to support him, and that he has many, many carp fishing days left, stretching long into the future.


Gregg Martin signed Richard's Guestbook.

Richard,   I found out about this from an old Army pal of mine who found me on USCARPPRO after 30 years.  You have worked tirelessly in promotion, communication, ... Read more

Lorie Grantham signed Richard's Guestbook.

We're here for y'all if you need anything. Meanwhile, I've added you and Elizabeth to the top of my prayer list. Strength is more than just muscles, it's a job for the ... Read more

Freshwater Phil Lumbroso signed Richard's Guestbook.

Hey Richard, just heard about your situation from a carping buddy up here. Hang in there, wishing you a speedy recovery and looking forward to fishing with you again next ... Read more

Kent Glass signed Richard's Guestbook.

Richard, Been a long time, but I wish you well in your fight. One day at a time and you will get through it. My daughter's fight is on Caring Bridge as well and I can ... Read more

Frank Kessler signed Richard's Guestbook.

Richard, I do not even know where to begin. You have become a great friend of mine and have showed me more in wild fishing that anyone ever has. You have cared more and ... Read more

Karl Haymer signed Richard's Guestbook.

Hey Richard Thinking of you and yours during this.  Kick its ass, get well and get back to what you love. Just let us know if there is anything we can do mate Speak soon K Read more

Duncan Maclean signed Richard's Guestbook.

Hey man take care of yourself, James will be over in September so get ready for some fishing. Take care, Duncan Read more

Tim Marshall signed Richard's Guestbook.

Richard, I wish you and your family fthe strength you need over the coming months.    You will beat this challenge! Best regards, tight lines..   Read more

Evan Bull signed Richard's Guestbook.

Richard stay positive and know that you will beat this! I know you will get through this and come out even stronger! Sincerely, Evan and Family. Read more

Austin Anderson signed Richard's Guestbook.

Richard,Wishing you and your family strength through your battle with cancer, I fully believe that you will whoop it's ass and come out strong with a rod in your hand back ... Read more

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