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Reuben Eli Mitrani, the eldest son of Donna Orbach and Albert Mitrani, the brother of Adam and beloved family member and friend to so many was an extraordinary person. Those of you who knew him know that. Others who are getting to know Reuben through these journal entries and posts will discover that. Reuben died as he lived, surrounded by family and friends, embraced in love.Information on Reuben's funeral and donations in his memory can be found in the Journal entries on this page.This is just the beginning of the healing process for our family. We've so appreciated all your love and support. Please feel free to keep reaching out.Love,Shari


donna orbach posted a new journal entry, "Unveiling. REMembering.".

Dear All, I have become afraid of sharing my heart with all of you who held it so lovingly.  I write.  I do not write.  I let the words flow.  I self-edit.  All the ... Read more

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donna orbach added a new photo.

Katherine Brennand signed Reuben's Guestbook.

Dear Donna and Albert,Reuben rests gently on my mind.Your tributes to him have been deeply sensitive and poignant and unforgettable.With love,Katherine Brennand ... Read more

Jeni Pruitt signed Reuben's Guestbook.

Donna,I am thinking of you a lot this month. Thinking of you and your family. I am hurting for you as this difficult anniversary comes up.  I pray for comfort for ... Read more

Leah Muroff posted a new journal entry.

Donna and Albert asked that I share their plans for memorializing Reuben, as this week marks the yahrtzeit, the anniversary of Reuben’s death on the Jewish calendar.  ... Read more

Terri Barnasevitch signed Reuben's Guestbook.

I just wanted to say Hi and say that I continue to remember Reuben and your family.  Read more

Rachel Harad signed Reuben's Guestbook.

So beautiful, Donna.  I think of you and your family all the time.  I hope you feel all of the love.  You are so generous to share so much of you with all of us.  I ... Read more

Pam Gingrich signed Reuben's Guestbook.

Donna, As always, so eloquently stated and written.  Reading your tribute and other guests thoughts brought tears to my eyes.  Everyone seems thoughtful and kind and it ... Read more

Katie Smeltz signed Reuben's Guestbook.

I love your soul's expressions, thanking those for their loyalty and reminders of their still present very meaningful friendships with Reuben.. Hope to see you over ... Read more

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