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Reuben’s Story

Reuben Eli Mitrani, the eldest son of Donna Orbach and Albert Mitrani, the brother of Adam and beloved family member and friend to so many was an extraordinary person. Those of you who knew him know that. Others who are getting to know Reuben through these journal entries and posts will discover that. Reuben died as he lived, surrounded by family and friends, embraced in love.Information on Reuben's funeral and donations in his memory can be found in the Journal entries on this page.This is just the beginning of the healing process for our family. We've so appreciated all your love and support. Please feel free to keep reaching out.Love,Shari

Latest Journal Update

Unveiling. REMembering.

Dear All, 

I have become afraid of sharing my heart with all of you who held it so lovingly.  

I write.  I do not write.  I let the words flow.  I self-edit.  All the time I am REMembering.  All the time I am wondering if I am all alone in the world.  Even when I know I am not all alone.  Even when I remember all the love that held us afloat and carried us from one labored breath to the next… so much of my life is simply remembering now.  That is what Reuben is, a memory.

And life goes on. So quickly. Too slowly. Both.  

I stay in.  I go out.  No place is safe.  I have been seen dancing.  I have been seen crying.  People still look at me and I watch their hearts turn over.  I watch the shadow that I live in pass over their faces.  I am pulled in for embraces by people whose names I cannot recall.  I allow it.  Sometimes I fall into their open arms and will actually be held for a moment. I can still melt.  

I don't write because I am afraid of sharing my heart.  
So I will share facts and information instead.
Maybe one day I will be brave and strong again. 

Here is information.  Here are facts.  

Reuben Eli Mitrani died on September 24th, 2012.  The 8th of Tishrei on the Hebrew calendar.   
His Yartzheit will be observed on the evening of October 1st, 2014
Morning minyan goers can observe on October 2nd.  We'll be at Chisuk Emuna on the 1st @ 7:15

As I understand it the observance of Yartzheit is not only the recitation of prayers, but a day set aside on the Jewish calendar for more intense remembering of those we mourn. It is a day to take action in Reuben's memory; to concretize his existence in some palpable way perhaps so that his life can live on in our actions.  Some people recite prayers or psalms or poetry.  Some people study torah or classics or philosophy.  A candle is often lit.  Charity is given.  I would ask for kindness.  When you remember Reuben, be kind. Be loving. Be thoughtful.  Make someone smile.  Make them laugh.  Let them know they are loved and REMember Reuben.  

On Sunday October 5th @ 12pm we will be dedicating Reuben's monument at his gravesite at the Beth El Cemetery . All are welcome.  None should feel obligated.  Once again, we will be placing hand painted stones and shells around his grave.  If you are unable to be with us in Harrisburg, please send us a stone and we will lovingly add it to those that are there.  If you have anything that you would like us to share in your absence, please send it along.  Please join us at our home following the unveiling.  

I hope to update you soon on the work of The REMember Foundation and the efforts that we are making, thanks to your generosity, to continue to make  the world a better place because Reuben was here.  

Thank you to all who continue to reach out to our family and who continue to hold us and Reuben in your hearts.  We would not have survived a single moment without the love and kindness that surrounds us.

With Love, 

Donna Sue 
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Melanie  Brigham
By Melanie Brigham
Hi Donna Sue,
We do not know one another, but while on Caring Bridge for my friend, John, who has been in a coma since April; I discovered your site for you son. I read through it and was taken in by your open heart, raw heart, the closing and opening. You are a good writer, coming from a former English teacher. I have a friend in Sarasota, FL who lost her son to an accident and she is so dear to me and so very fragile after her son died. I, myself, never had a child but have experienced great grief in my 60 years. The newest is living with stage 4, incurable cancer. I keep my "heart open in Hell" is how my buddy, Ram Dass decribes it. Much peace and love sent to you. Melanie, Atlanta, GA
Steffi Gold
By Steffi Gold
We are REMembering...our
Thoughts and Love are with you...Love, Steffi & Zola
Nancy Abrams
We love you and are thinking of you.
Nancy & Bush
edina segal
By edina segal
Holding you tight my dearest Dong. Love you very, very much,