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We need your prayers. Our son Reid is 5 years old. He attends kindergarten at CSLA in Chattanooga. On New Years Eve 07' we were visiting family in Michigan when we noticed Reid was feeling very sick. We took him to a clinic there where blood work was done but nothing was found. The only thing we noticed were the lymphodes in his neck were swollen pretty large. We were told that it cold be Mono or his body just fighting off infection. At 3am New Years Day we took him to an emergency room in Michigan because he just seemed to be getting worse and was crying all night because his head, teeth and legs were hurting. We just assumed it was growing pains and a sinus head ache. They did more blood work there at the ER and ran an IV of antibiotics though him. Nothing was found in his blood except his white blood cell count was high. That can be normal if your body is trying to fight of an infection. We thought surely he will be getting better after having the antiobotic IV.
Later New News Day it was even worse. We headed home immediately. The pain was worse and he had no energy at all. We took him to his pediatrician on Jan 2nd in Chattanooga. More test were done and more blood work. We still had no idea what was going on. We just had to wait for the test results.
Jan 4th Reid went back to his peditrcian for the results and we were told to take him to TC Thompsons for a CT scan of his neck and head.
The results of the CT and the final results of the blood work concluded a shocking blow. One that still make me think I'm dreaming and makes me sick to my stomach. We were told he has Burkitt's Lyphoma. The tears were rolling.
What do you do with that???? We had no idea what that was or what that meant. We knew it was some kind of cancer but that was it. We had no idea something like this could happen to such a great boy. It came on real fast too. One day perfectly fine, the next sick. We immmediatly got the prayer chains going in every direction we could think of.
The doctors told us this type of cancer cell is the fastest growing of all of them and is most common in kids. He also said the cell, once treated, will be destroyed the fastest as well. The doctors also told us that 85% of his bone marrow was affected by this cancer ( which made it lukemia ) as well as all his lymphodes. Reid will have to have at least seven months of chemotherapy and several blood transfusions to try to cure his cancer.
The doctors said this type of cancer is 85% curable.
We were transfered by ambulance from TC Thompson's to Vanderbilt Children's Hospital in Nashville, TN on Sunday Jan 6th b/c of the massive size of the cancer in his body. At Vanderbilt they have a larger ICU that should be able to handle any complications once the treatment starts. We are expecting the chemo to start today , the 8th. We are expected to stay at Vanderbuilt 10-30 days depending on how the treatments go.
So I'm asking all of you to please pray for our son Reid. Pray that he will be fully cured and quickly
, that there will be no complications, that God will take away the pain he is having. That the doctors will have wisdom and no mistakes will be made. Pray for us as we deal with this, that we will have patients and be able to get rest we need. Please ask everyone you know to pray for him. Pray that God will have all the honor and glory in this and his Will, will be done.
We can't believe this is happening. This is the most unexpected thing that we could ever imagine.
I also want to inform you that you can help by donating blood to Blood Assurance in Reid Scott's name. No matter what your blood type, for every pint donated in his name, Blood Assurance will donate $10.00 towards his medical bills. You can go by one of the Blood Assurance offices and donate there any time, or at one of the following blood drives. You'll need to give then his full name Clayton Reid Scott or his account # 507274
Praise God in all things.
We can not return all phone calls because there are just too many. We thank you for your concerns and for the prayers that have already been sent up to God.


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