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Chris’s Story

Welcome to my CaringBridge site. I would love to be able to have conversations with all of you personally, but that's just not possible So I'm using this site to keep friends and family updated about my journey back to full health.

Updates will be in the journal, we may be adding some pics to the photo gallery, and drop us a line in the guestbook.

Love you all! We Will Win!


To my friends and loved ones,
In early January as a result of seeing my doctor about a persistent and increasing pain in my back, I have been diagnosed with cancer.
I have a sizeable mass in my upper chest up against the apex of my right lung. It is in the right superior mediastinum area behind the breast-bone and between the lungs. During diagnostic surgery, the doctors also found a few other nodules, inside and one outside the lower part of the right lung and many smaller ones throughout the plural space around the right lung. We are working with the wonderful team at University Hospitals Ireland Cancer Center right here in Cleveland on a diagnosis and treatment plan.
I have much to be thankful for. Tracie is incredible: a rock; a drop-dead gorgeous, kick-ass patient advocate- we will need each other through this. We have some of the best health care on the planet Earth 10 minutes from my house. The support, prayers, help network is strong and I can feel it lifting me up already.
We will do our best to keep everyone informed through this site.
We Will Win!

Latest Journal Update


Dearest Team Moore:


What a GLORIOUS Celebration we had last Saturday!


My family was joyously overwhelmed by the sheer numbers of you who were there that day…over 650 according to the staff and management of Landerhaven! WOW! I don’t even begin to know how to say THANK YOU to all of you for being there!  My only regret on the day was that I never even said “hello” to a vast majority of you in attendance! Please accept my apologies!


Special thanks to those of you who traveled so far to be there! I am humbled and awed…


I only printed 400 copies of the program and yet somehow I have extras left over. How did that happen? Perhaps you were unable to attend, or somehow missed grabbing a program that afternoon; please email me with your address and I will gladly mail one to you!


The love and support Team Moore has shown to my family these 14 months has been UNBELIEVEABLE! You were all such an integral part of our journey and joy; I thank you for being willing participants on each and every turn, and for sharing our joys and disappointments along the way. Each and every one of you has a special place in my heart!


I am s  l  o  w  l  y catching up on my thank you notes…which are very belated…but they are coming! With one horrible, glaring exception! One day in the midst of mild chaos, shortly after Chris passed, I received a beautiful fruit and cheese basket…which I dutifully noted on my Thank You List…and then must have gotten distracted…because I never wrote down who sent it to us! OOOOPS! My sister even went through the trash that week to see if she could find the accompanying card. (Now that is a real sister!) No luck. So, if you are the wonderful soul who sent that and don’t receive a thank you note in the next week, please know that your kindness was deeply appreciated! And your generosity kept my sister and I fed for quite some time.


And now…Life goes on and my “new normal” is beginning, as is yours. So many of Chris’ co-workers and civic colleagues are learning how to go forward in his absence, hopefully incorporating his best qualities into their decisions and planning processes. His friends are hopefully more grateful for what they have in each other and for the incredible things Chris taught them about love and dedication and having FUN! My family is adjusting to the holes that have been left in our lives, which will be so evident at each milestone and holiday yet to come. (Yes, for those of you who have asked, my Dad passed away on March 13th) And I am learning how to be single again after 34 years (although I think I will always feel married because our love was so deep), as well as learning online banking, how to read financial spreadsheets, and trying to figure out Chris’ filing system! YIKES!


Life is STILL GOOD because God is GOOD all the time! The Opening Day for BASEBALL is just 3 days away and our two wonderful sons (and Mary!) will be here to attend the Home Opener with me! Chris will be there with us as well…


And while there is sadness, because we love and miss him, there is no sorrow.


One of the many cards I received contained the following words that I want to share with you:


“…nothing but our sadness can really pass away…for nothing loved is ever lost – and he was loved so much.”


Yes, Chris was deeply loved by so many…and so many who didn’t know him came to know him, at least in part, through this CaringBridge or at the Celebration on March 28th!  Our sadness will pass away, but I hope what we have gained and learned in the past 14 months will not!


Chris truly was the love of my life! And we had a rare and beautiful marriage! One day several weeks ago I had to rummage through the house trying to find our marriage certificate, which I had not seen in 31 years! (Took 5 hours but I found it!) In my search I came across a box of “stuff” that I had saved from our college years, and came across a letter I wrote Chris in 1976! I read the letter, and the accompanying poem I had composed, with great tears in my eyes. My love for Chris was as deep then as it is now! How incredibly blessed I am to have met my soul mate at the tender young age of 18!


As much as I have enjoyed writing you these past 14 months, this will be my last posting.  This CaringBridge site was about our courageous and valiant battle against a rare and deadly cancer…and not about me.  It was about hope and love and dedication and faith and trust. This site was about the JOY in that journey, the turns and twists that the journey took all of us on. And that journey has now come to a glorious end! HALLELUJAH!


But our own journeys continue.


It is my prayer that as we part, that your journey ahead may be more blessed for the time we spent together, that you each have found new courage, new hope, new strength, and perhaps even a new faith in Jesus Christ. I pray that what my beloved Chris and I went through has given you courage to face your own battles with a smile. I pray that all the wonderful things that made Chris so loved will live on in you, in your work, family and leisure time. Please know that I am still very much here for all of you and you can contact me at anytime! I hope one day in the near future to write a book about this journey, to give hope to even more than the hundreds who visited this site! (The Guestbook will remain open for quite a while, so feel free to post something if you wish.)


I will miss writing you all…it was a very special part of my life for many months…but it is time to move on and move through the grief that all of us feel…that will pass in time.  I hope that ALL of us are irreversibly changed, for the BETTER for having known Chris, even if your only contact was through this site or at the Celebration Service!






In closing, I want to share a small part of that letter I wrote to Chris back when we were in college; I think it may speak for all of us who had the privilege of knowing him:


“You make me laugh, you make me cry tears of joy; you encourage, comfort, critique, and understand.  You listen to me, not just to what I say, but also to what I am.  I only hope I have in some small way returned to you the happiness, joy, and fulfillment you have given to me. You give so much of yourself to me –

Thank you for caring.  Thank you for loving me.  Thank you for being you.


I love you, Chris!






“All you’ve got is what you’ve got left, and you’ve got to make the most of it.”




Be BLESSED, Team Moore! Thank you for taking this journey with us!

Tracie B. Moore