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Happy Birthday Rachel! We miss you so much.  The kids and I talk about you every day and wish you were still here with us so we could wrap our arms around you in a giant family bear hug with lots of kisses to go around for everyone.

You should have turned 40 today. As I was driving to work this morning I was imagining how we would have spent the day...?  I am damn sure a party would have been in order (likely a surprise) with all of your friends attending.  You would have been celebrating 20 months in remission as well which would have gotten us so much closer to the big milestone we were all praying for (2 years).  We would go to Kyoto Palace for a meal and we would sing Happy Birthday to you while eating your favorite Angel Food cake that your mom baked. The kids would be begging to blow out the candles and we would let them. I would hold you close and tell you how much I love you (over and over and over...). 

Today, the only thing that has changed is that you are no longer in remission and Leukemia stole her beautiful life from us. 

Today we will honor Rachel's memory by doing everything we can to celebrate.  We have reservations at Kyoto Palce for dinner.  Linda has baked her amazing Angel Food cake ("Angel" Food seems very appropriate). The kids will blow out her candles and we will share stories and memories that will fill a little bit of the huge void left behind as a result of her death. Please pray for us today and do everything you can to take a moment out of your day to do something in her honor (even if it's just telling your kids you love them). Life is too short so enjoy the time you have with those you love.  Celebrate Rachel's memory as she would never want anyone to be sad.  She is still here with us even if we can't touch her or hear her voice. She would be extremely pleased to know that she is 39 years old forever!

She is also 100% forever and so are we.

Love, Rob