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Kale’s Story

Hi, My name is Kale (I'm the red head!) and I have had a heart condition called WPW.  I was born with a broken heart, but I waited until I was 17 days old to let anyone know it was broken.  I was on medicine until 16 months old, but have been medicine free since then.  When I was 6 years old, I had an ablation to eliminate my extra pathway in my heart.  I am nearly 7 years old now and was just cleared by cardiology to no longer be a cardiology patient.  I was given my final discharge paper on October 6, 2014. 

Here is the story of my journey:

Kale George Fletcher, the son of Marcia and Ep Fletcher, was born on October 20, 2007 at 11:11 am at 33 weeks and 6 days. He entered the world with a strong and loud cry coming from his 4 pound, 11 ounce body. Everyone finally understood why his mommy had been talking about all his kicks and punches because he was already a whopping 18 inches long.

Kale was immediately taken to the NICU as a standard procedure for such a young baby. He was on oxygen for less than 18 hours and started sucking on a pacifier almost immediately. He quickly figured out that sucking on a bottle was yummy....and mommy started being able to feed him not long after that, so he was able to also get rid of his feeding tube. He is progressing very well... much better than anyone could have dreamed and we all know Who to thank for that blessing. At 9 days old, he was released from the hospital and came home!

A week later, Kale decided to add some more adventure to his parent's world by needing to ride in the ambulance to Arkansas Children's Hospital after a visit to the pediatrician.  After 3 hours of trying to get an IV started and then being shocked twice, Kale's heart finally decided to cooperate and beat normally.  Over the next 24 hours, Kale's heart acted up twice more and he was shocked each time to get his heart back into rhythm.  He spent several days in the Cardio ICU and then moved to the "step down" cardio unit before finally being discharged to go home.  

At 16 months old, he had a cardiology check up and was taken off his medicine (propanolol) and had actually already outgrown his dose.  He remained medicine and episode free until July 2, 2013 when his cardiologist performed a successful ablation.  At his follow up appointment, we saw no evidence of WPW on his EKG.  At his final year follow up, he was permanently discharged from cardiology due to no longer having a heart defect. 

Latest Journal Update


As of 10/6/14, Kale has been discharged permanently from the cardiology group at the hospital.  HE IS NO LONGER CONSIDERED A CARDIOLOGY PATIENT AND IS CONSIDERED TO NO LONGER HAVE A HEART DEFECT!