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Super’s Story

On February 27, 2013, my husband, Peter Laboy was seriously injured during a traffic stop that resulted in him being shot. He was flown to Medstar with life-threatening injuries.
He is listed in critical condition.

He is a 17-year veteran of the police department. He has spent the past six years as a motorcycle officer in the Motor Unit as Motor 8.

Please keep Peter and our family in your prayers.

Latest Journal Update

Not Guilty

The verdict is in....... Not Guilty by reason on insanity.  It took me a few days to allow that to sink in. I'm not sure I really understand.  It was an open and shut case.  Not Guilty? How are you not guilty? You bought a gun, aimed it at my husbands head and pulled the trigger. No warning, no time to react. How can you be Not Guilty?  Its kind of like how life is right now.  With brain injury, there is sometimes no warning or time to react.  Does that mean Peter should be Not guilty by reason of Brain Injury when he gets in a disagreement with me or the kids or his friends?  Just like no one really knows what was in Bashir's head that day, I sometimes feel that way with my "new" Peter.  He says "this is the new me". Does that mean I have to like it? does that mean I have to accept it?  Some days I don't like it and I'm sure he doesn't either.  I have learned so much about the brain and the functions of the lobes that 9mm bullet pierced.  I have learned many pros and cons of meds that he takes and how those can affect his mood and behavior. I wish the testimonies of Peter's two doctors who spoke about his injury and his recovery at the trial were recorded so I can remind myself and others that none of this is his fault.  That he can not control some of his words and actions.  Still doesn't make it easy some days.  Not Guilty.  Not Guilty by reason of Brain Injury.   Ours is a life sentence.  We won't get reevaluated, we won't get another chance. We live with the actions of another person.  Something must change.
Thanks for the continued support!!!
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40 Comentarios

Deborah Thome
By Deborah Thome
Hoping this New Year 2015 brings more positive discoveries and developments in Peter's on going recovery. I hope you each find your peacefulness and your happiness in all you do. I hope you are always grounded in each other and let nothing destroy the Superman love story we have all become part of. God bless Peter, you and those beautiful children.
Ralph Hutchins
By Ralph & Vicki — last edited
That's totally amazing! Unbelievable! These kind of defenses and verdicts need to be tossed out of courts! I hope and pray that your husband Peter is going to make a FULL RECOVERY! Our hearts and prayers go out to your family! We have put Peter and your family in our prayer chain at our church! My family and our church members wish Peter the best and a Happy New Year!
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gloria thomas
By Gloria Thomas
Merry Christmas folks! I continue to pray for you each and every day. I pray you have a lovely Christmas
and a happy, healthy and blessed New Year. God Bless!
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ronda anderson
By Ronda
Think of you often. I couldn't believe the verdict either. Unbelievable! ! I will continue to keep you and your family in my thoughts and prayers.
Miss you !
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Deborah Thome
By Debbie Thome
Prayers for all..
Deborah Thome
By Debbie Thome
The day of the verdict I posted on your Facebook.. No words- praying for you, Peter and the family. We live in a strange world gone wrong, always some kind of plea or "special" evaluation for these criminals that subsequently lets them off the hook. Incredible! A well respected public figure putting his life on the line everyday, gets shot, wounded severely, life changing, and that leads to a not guilty verdict for the "whacko" that did it.. We already knew the guy was whack! one would have to be crazy to do what he did..but why does that let him off the hook. Crazy, insane, bi-polar, whatever? New laws need to take precedence and punish these people no matter what tests show to some psychologist/ psychiatrist defending him or her. I know many may not agree. Just so tired of all the murders and shootings and people are not held accountable while the victims are the only ones paying the price.
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Mary Velazquez
By Mary Velazquez
I was upset and heartbroken about the verdict. More so, confused and scared. I am sure that he will do well in this institution as he is on a supervised regiment of medical care and prescription. But who will watch if he's released? Who will make sure he stays on his medicine to be "normal." My question is, If he was so "off", did his family of friends do anything to help him? If not, why? Will they be able to do anything in the future? This is absolutely terrifying to me. With those questions, how does the judge make such a decision?

I guess that is things running through your mind too. I know that it isn't the justice that we felt was deserved.

I'm sorry for the NEW normal you were thrown into. But I like what you once told me: on bad days, we just go to bed and start over the next day.

We will continue to pray for your family for guidance, strength, patience and understanding.

We are always here for you if you need anything!! ((Hugs))
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Glen Davis
By Glen Davis
The criminal justice system protects us and unfortunately let's us down at times. I feel for your family as you never asked for any of this but also know you are strong to overcome any obstacles to your family's love. Continued prayers my friends and support from your PD family as Peter is their brother too.
The Rev. David Crosby
By the Rev. David M. Crosby
Dear Suzanne,
I cannot possibly understand this pain you feel. And I pray always that things will improve. I think Bashir will remain institutionalized which feels like some sort of sentence, but it lacks the justice you seek. Having a family member with physical and mental deficits resulting from multiple cerebral bleeds, I understand some about TBI. I am sorry. It feels like loopholes suppressing action, but hopefully this action will not define actions of the future: Peter's, yours or the kids. I pray for peace and resolve for you all
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Ellen Hoffmaster
By Ellen Hoffmaster
I was heartbroken when I heard the verdict, and reminded of how our justice system and country as a whole has failed to address mental health care in any meaningful way. There are so few facilities left for mental health treatment, and they are all overburdened. How many times does a family have to suffer the way you have suffered before real changes take place?

I think that everyone who reads your posts should contact their state and federal lawmakers and demand changes to mental health treatment in Peter's name. Our gun laws should also prevent the purchase of weapons by those with mental illness.

We still think of and pray for you and your family.
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