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  • Coffee time

    Written Oct 2, 2013 9:05pm by Suzanne Laboy

    I'm at Starbucks this morning and I'm overhearing a convo between a barista and a customer discussing in general about the Alexandria police
    Dept. Then my husband was mentioned. Neither of these two guys knew who I was, and as I was about to introduce myself, the conversation is over, the guy got his drink and was gone. I'm realizing its my husband who will forever be the "one that got shot".... I am numb and feel like it's an outer body experience. I'm so pleased with our day to day results, but it doesn't change how his community looks at him, the motor officer who was shot in the head in broad daylight in OLD TOWN. Sometimes it's still hard to hear and hard to stomach. Will I ever just wake up??? I guess I'm allowed one bad day for every 2-4 weeks.... Crying uncontrollably and realizing I needed it badly, needed to let it go. Cry it out. Too hard to hold on, causes my heart to grow heavy... 45 min late snap out of it but just drained. Go to bed and realize tomorrow is another day. Fresh start. New day. More
    Therapy. It will end but not soon enough for him. Such a good sport! I'm in awe at him... He completely surprises me...... He's here, he's falling in and out of reality, consuming of himself. Tries to do the best he can and tries to appear as normal he was before for the little ones. He tires easily and continues to need lots of rest. Kids still say "dad is healing" and that helps with their processing of it. One moment at a time moving our way to one day at a time. Many have seen me strong, yet few have witnessed my weakness..... Including my children. From the beginning I have felt this need to protect Peter and all of the kids. I still do. I feel what they don't need to see, they don't. Thanks to all who continue to reach out, sending good thoughts and prayers our way. The love is still coming our way and I will tell you it has helped me tremendously, just letting me know we are not alone. Thanks for supporting our kids and our family. 7 months is so fresh, yet so far away from where we are now.
    Keep having positive thoughts and pray for us and we take these days one at a time.

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  • Testing 1 2 3

    Written Sep 23, 2013 9:48am by Suzanne Laboy

    After a week away at the annual Bernardo Golf Invitational in SC, Peter is having a full day of cognitive testing. This will give the doctors and therapists an idea of where things are at this time in his recovery and rehab. This test is usually given at the one year mark but because he has met a lot of his goals, this step will help dictate the next course of action. It's been almost 7mths since our world was turned upside down. His progress and determination helps push him to the next phase of this journey. Please continue to pray. We have many blessings!!
    Based on the testament of my brothers, Peter's golf game has improved so much that maybe the Amateur PGA is an option!!!

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  • NASCAR at Richmond

    Written Sep 9, 2013 9:42pm by Suzanne Laboy

    Peter and a handful of friends go every year to the Richmond race and this year was no exception. However, it turned out to be alittle more exciting that previous races. Peter and his crew were able to get pit passes which included tours of the garages and a sit in with the drivers at the pre race meetings. At that moment Peter was able to meet and get an autograph from Juan Pablo Montoya. Probably one of the coolest things he's ever experienced. Special thanks to everyone who was involved and made that happen for him.
    School is back in session and the kids are getting into a groove. I, myself have started working some hours at the hospital. Felt nice to get very warm welcomes and tight hugs from my coworkers. Peter continues his daily therapy and keeps progressing along. Day by day, exceeding goals and blowing away target dates. I'm so proud of him. He's now on a therapy mission to meet Bob Woodruff and find out more regarding his own foundation. They have a lot of similarities in their stories and Peter has been learning alot about him. We are trying to set up a meet and greet with him as well. I have become friends with his wife who has given me lots of support during this time. Hopefully this fall we can make that meeting happen.
    Gradually we are getting out and thanking people, businesses, friends, coworkers for all of the support we have received. I don't know if I'll ever get to reach each and everyone, but I sure would like to try. The days fly by and the single parenting concept that creeps into our daily routines makes it alittle tough at times to get anything else done, but we are all doing our best. I count my blessings daily which include the members of the church in our neighborhood that we have been attending for about a month or so. The kids love it and everyone has been so welcoming. The pastor and the congregation have had their arms open each time my family walks through those doors. It helps my healing soul one song at a time. Feeling blessed, loved and overwhelmed all at the same time.

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