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  • Cerebral Angiogram

    Written Mar 4, 2013 4:09pm by Suzanne Laboy

    The test is done. He's back in his room. So far so good. The pictures were amazing but confirmed the story that is being told. It is a miracle that he is alive. Keep praying!

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  • Priority

    Written Mar 4, 2013 12:33pm by Suzanne Laboy

    Still waiting around for today's test. Emergencies happening. Today we are NOT a priority and that is a good thing.

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  • Good morning

    Written Mar 4, 2013 8:56am by Suzanne Laboy

    Opening both eyes and continues to follow commands. Test today. Should be around noon. Trying different meds to continue the shivering. Sedation on and off. Im reminded that its Monday so it's back to business at the hospital. People all around. This place is busy but continue to love the staff. Nothing but good things.

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