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  • Busy week!!

    Written Feb 23, 2014 7:48pm by Suzanne Laboy

    Hello all. It's been a while since I have posted. Lots going on. Meds were changed early January and it has made a huge difference. Executive functioning skills have been put to the test and he is rising up to the challenge. With the meds, he has had more initiation, motivation
    and a desire to do more and accomplish things. We have met lots of people on our list and a lot of questions have been answered.
    His biggest frustration is not being able to drive. I remind him of patience and all the time we have from this moment on. He is starting to get involved with some other "hobbies". He wants to get back into photography and video. His go pro birthday gift from his brother has warranted lots of trips to best buy for new equipment. NASCAR has started as well as motor cross. It gives him a reason to want to get involved with the kids again... They love it.
    Therapy comes in many different styles, shapes, forms and involves a wide variety of familiar people who can help Peter progress and work his brain. He's most comfortable with those who know him, his safe haven.
    He is having surgery on Tuesday for an arthroscopic shoulder injury. The pain has interrupted his sleep patterns and hindering from doing what he can outdoors.
    Please pray for his medical team and those taking care of him on Tuesday.
    I am extremely optimistic that this will be successful and will accomplish what they need while in there.......

    Thanks to all for showing your love and support. He will come to me from being out and tell me all of the people who have said hi!!! Makes him feel good and gives him the strength and courage to move on!!!
    Thanks everyone!!!!
    #laboystrong #motor8

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  • A year older

    Written Jan 21, 2014 6:34pm by Suzanne Laboy

    Peter turned 46 yo on Sat 18th. We celebrated all weekend, including a surprise party planned by some special folks at APD for him at the Police Hall. It was a success!! He had no clue. I put together a slideshow of pictures. It was a lot of fun seeing everyone who came out to support him and the look on his face was priceless. The cake says 45/46. He mentioned that he wants to redo 45 since it wasn't a very good year for him. I say we take every day as a gift, a true blessing that we are all here to share another day.
    Thanks to everyone who participated in the surprise and and thanks to Landini Brothers Restaurant who treated us to a wonderful Friday night out.

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  • Eagle 1

    Written Jan 16, 2014 9:51pm by Suzanne Laboy

    Today we were able to attend a US Park Police awards ceremony and meet some amazing people. We were able to meet the staff from USPP and Alexandria Fire Dept who were instrumental in saving Peter's life that day. We also were able to see the Eagle 1 helicopter that transported Peter to Medstar. I have no idea how they got such a big piece of equipment in such a small elementary school yard. I've said from the very beginning that the ONLY bad thing that happened that day was the actual incident. Everything else fell into place exactly as it was meant to be with the Grace of GOD and the people with the experience and knowledge to do what they have been trained to do their entire career.
    We have enjoyed hearing the stories from those who were a part of that day. One of Peters goals during this healing experience is to meet each and every one of you who have somehow touched our lives, especially those who are first responders. We have a list of people..... And we are slowly able to connect those dots. We still have the Park Police pilot, Kevin and officer Mike who stood by Peter at Medstar yet to meet. Peter and I talk about that day often and he has lots of questions for me that I can't answer. Speaking to all of you helps put those pieces together little by little. With his police background and my medical knowledge, we want to know every little detail. It's in our blood. We can't help it. I tell him in due time we will have all of the pieces to the puzzle.
    Thanks to all who have walked up to him or us and introduced themselves to us and how you played a role. We truly appreciate all of the info that is coming our way. Please always feel free to walk up to him and introduce yourself/us. We need it for our recovery process just as much.

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