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  • Missing

    Written Mar 13, 2014 10:29am by Suzanne Laboy

    Has anyone seen my husband? He's the good looking one on Motor 8. Sometimes he's on duke st working at the corner light, sometimes he's outside of Hammond during school release when the lights are flashing. Has anyone seen him? Sometimes he takes the kids golfing at TOPGOLF or to the movies. Sometimes he's in he front yard working on the lawn. Has anyone seen him? I can't seem to find him lately. I only see someone who sometimes looks like him. He says "I'm the new Peter". Sometimes I want the old one back.

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  • another seizure

    Written Mar 5, 2014 9:46pm by Suzanne Laboy

    yesterday was the second snow day in a row for the kids. not a big deal. all we decided to do that day was stay in pj's and watch cartoons with the kids in the bed. the boys decided they wanted to watch Monsters University. I'm on my laptop trying to plan a summer, laying right beside Peter. All of a sudden he has this look in his eyes and for about 5 min there is no way to bring him back. This one lasted about 5 min. Miles called the medics. Peter's face was turning blue, which i wasn't sure if that was normal for him, since i haven't experiences the seizure that way. Medics arrived and all know Peter by name. We take him closer to Alex ER, its also where his neurologist practices. they get him in quickly and do tests. he's more arousable at this point. after the docs have spoke and meds adjusted, we are sent home. ALL on alert!!! To see something like that in your bed, in your home, with children all around, it has to take a tool on your being. We are all exhausted tonight. I don't think any of us rested last eve. We see the neurologist in the morning. sending prayers out tonight and praying alittle harder that GOD will wrap his lovely arms around the kids extra special hard. Keep going strong #LABOYSTRONG #MOTOR8 #SUPERMAN

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  • A Year of Life

    Written Feb 26, 2014 8:20pm by Suzanne Laboy

    Tomorrow will mark one year. I can hardly believe it. I look back and think about all of the things we have all been through. Some I would like to forget. Some I will remember forever.
    I can't fully quite comprehend how many people have touched our lives. Our family and friends have been there for us through thick and thin. Our coworkers have stood by us. We have been touched by others who we didn't even know.
    All I can say at this point is Thank You All!!!
    Peter had shoulder surgery yesterday. He has again surprised me and is doing extremely well. I am so proud of my superman!!
    Traumatic brain injury has become a common term used in our every day life but we will not have it define us. We will continue to learn and grow. Healing takes a lifetime and we have a lot of life to live.
    I hope to help others as we have been helped. Not sure what that will look like in the future. For now, we will live each day to the fullest and love harder than ever. Laboystrong!

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