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Super’s Story

On February 27, 2013, my husband, Peter Laboy was seriously injured during a traffic stop that resulted in him being shot. He was flown to Medstar with life-threatening injuries.
He is listed in critical condition.

He is a 17-year veteran of the police department. He has spent the past six years as a motorcycle officer in the Motor Unit as Motor 8.

Please keep Peter and our family in your prayers.

Latest Journal Update

Not Guilty

The verdict is in....... Not Guilty by reason on insanity.  It took me a few days to allow that to sink in. I'm not sure I really understand.  It was an open and shut case.  Not Guilty? How are you not guilty? You bought a gun, aimed it at my husbands head and pulled the trigger. No warning, no time to react. How can you be Not Guilty?  Its kind of like how life is right now.  With brain injury, there is sometimes no warning or time to react.  Does that mean Peter should be Not guilty by reason of Brain Injury when he gets in a disagreement with me or the kids or his friends?  Just like no one really knows what was in Bashir's head that day, I sometimes feel that way with my "new" Peter.  He says "this is the new me". Does that mean I have to like it? does that mean I have to accept it?  Some days I don't like it and I'm sure he doesn't either.  I have learned so much about the brain and the functions of the lobes that 9mm bullet pierced.  I have learned many pros and cons of meds that he takes and how those can affect his mood and behavior. I wish the testimonies of Peter's two doctors who spoke about his injury and his recovery at the trial were recorded so I can remind myself and others that none of this is his fault.  That he can not control some of his words and actions.  Still doesn't make it easy some days.  Not Guilty.  Not Guilty by reason of Brain Injury.   Ours is a life sentence.  We won't get reevaluated, we won't get another chance. We live with the actions of another person.  Something must change.
Thanks for the continued support!!!
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Chris Deem
By Chris
What???? I cannot fathom this!! I am very sorry and pray for you always. NEVER GIVE UP.
Annabel Garza
By Annabel
Your lives were changed because Peter was protecting others.....let's just hope the judge protects the rest of the world from this person.
Patty Shifflett
By Patty Shifflett
I don't understand how they can say he's not Guilty.This Bashir knew what he was doing that day.And I think he knew if he said he was hearing voices in his head,They would let him off with insanity,which I think he's acting.I pray this haunts Bashir for the rest of life that it does make him lose his mind.My heart goes out to Peter and his family.In my thoughts and prayers always.
Mary Ann Carr
By Mary Ann Carr
In reading your words of disbelief over the verdict, I understand the anger you feel. These are the times of heartaches that will not ever be healed in the way that you want and need. You and Peter were living a life together, raising your children and not expecting a moment in time that would change your lives forever. The burden that you are carrying breaks my heart. You have no idea how much I admire your strength in dealing with your 'new Peter.' And even with all that strength, I am sure your tears fall regularily like rain, I know this will sound like a silly thing to say, but if and when you can, be thankful. Dwelling on all the things that can't be changed drains your loving heart and spirit. Find something that brings you joy, cherish it and thank God. Thank God that your children still have their dad. He may not be quite the same, but you have mentioned how much love there is in your family. Because of that love, they will be become stronger also.
I must tell you that on the day when Steve became a Lt., he asked if Bruce and I would like to see the new Headquarters' building that was built for the Alexandria Police Department. We were very impressed with all the ingenuity and thought that was put into the project. There were many, many extra rooms and future thoughts that were built into the system. It is truly amazing. There was one room that touched my heart deeply. It was Peter's office. That one room instills pride into of all the men who are a part of Peter's life and it is ongoing. Cherish that. I feel that it says so much for the pride and value that they have in Peter. They think of that each time they pass that room. God bless you and all the family.
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Nanci Sandel
By Nanci Sandel
I'm so disgusted by this verdict. This guy should never be out among us ever again.
Mona Newman
By Mona Newman
It was very disappointing to hear the verdict being 'not guilty'. I agree with you 100%... something must change. Why is it ok for someone to plead not guilty by reason of insanity and be able to be re-evaluated, then possibly released back into society? Why isn't it that when they plead not guilty by reason of insanity and it's proven that they are/were at the time they committed the crime, that they aren't sentenced to a mental institute for years, not days to be re-evaluated? Is this what our society calls justice, well if it is, justice is most definitely blind. What message does this send... shoot an officer of the law, plead not guilty by reason of insanity, and you'll get sentenced to 45 days and be re-evaluated. The insanity is in the verdict more so than the mind of Bashir !

You, Peter and the boys have and will always continue to be in my prayers !
kimberly rose
By kimberly rose
I'm so sorry! I couldn't believe it when I heard..........................
Elizabeth Morris
By — last edited
This verdict is a travesty. Why not Guilty and Insane? As the mother of a police officer I want you to know that my heart and prayers are with you. God bless you all.
Kammy Stern
By Kammy Stern
My heart broke for you and for Peter as we listened to the verdict. You still do not and never will walk alone, though none of us can make it better or change what has happened. I wish I could. I wish there was some way to do any of that. You are all in our prayers every day. Our family is strong united. Love you!!!
Donna Windsor
By Donna Windsor
I am so deeply sorry that was the outcome from the trial. I am so sad that so much has changed in your journey through this world. I will forever keep you in my thoughts and prayers.