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Peter’s Story

 Peter Brady of Orchard Park, NY, 19 year old Pitt student, athlete (volleyball, basketball, baseball) and drummer in the Blues band: 4in Tune, suffered a severe spinal cord injury after diving into the shallow end of a friend's pool on Memorial Day (May 28th) 2012.

In August 2013 Pete's dad was diagnosed with brain cancer and he passed away March 25, 2014. 
Peter Brady was injured diving into a pool on Memorial Day, May 28, 2012. Peter suffered an incomplete spinal cord injury at the C3-C4 level of vertebrae. The accident happened in the Brady's hometown of Buffalo, New York, just after he finished his freshman year as a business student at Pitt. He was mercy-flighted to ECMC Hospital in Buffalo, where he stayed for just over 4 months. He has paralysis from the neck down, but has been having some muscle firing in both arms and in both legs also. He spent the first month in the ICU and has come a long way from those first frightening weeks of ventilators and countless tubes and monitors.  He is now off of the ventilator, and has had the trach removed from his neck as well as the G-tube removed from his stomach. He thankfully suffered no brain trauma, and he remains in amazingly good spirits. He has been an outstanding athlete throughout his life, (volleyball, basketball, baseball) and he is ready to face the next big hurdles of trying to regain whatever movement and control over his body that is physically possible. 
To clarify, donations made through the caringbridge website do not go towards Peter's recovery.  Thanks to our friends at M&T, "Peter Brady Healing Fund" is available for anyone who would like to help with Pete's various healthcare costs.  Any M&T location can accept donations, checks can be made out to "Peter Brady Healing Fund".
Thank you from the entire Brady Family!

Latest Journal Update


The family has been thinking about all the people that we do not see in our daily lives, that have been so supportive
throughout the past three years. For any of those folks interested, and if this site is even active, an update.

Peter started at Edinboro University, located near Erie Pa., at the end of August. They have a dorm, Rose Hall, with a section dedicated to students on wheels. There are aides assigned to this dorm to help students. Pete is able to tool around this accessible campus in his power chair. For all those who prayed for a miracle, Edinboro University looks a lot like one. The Peter Brady Healing Fund has provided Pete with materials and equipment for school. We continue to be in awe, and thankful for, the generosity we experienced from you folks, our community.  Baxter the wonder dog is having a hard time adjusting to Pete's absence, but feels better by digging big holes all over the yard.

Caitlin is an RN at ECMC and lives in a pretty sweet apartment in the city. Jim and Nikki are engaged to be married this summer 2016.  So many good things.
There are no words to describe the loss of Jim from our lives. He did leave behind everything he taught us all, and a large amount of pure love. We rely on both of
those everyday.

The plan moving forward as I see it is best expressed in this quote: "Option A is not available, so let's just kick the s**t out of Option B".
Love from the Brady family.
Pic is  Pete, Bax and Nikki on move in day August 2015

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Libby Krautsak
"Go Fighting Scots!" Go Pete! Great news! Congrats to Cait and Jim & Nikki! Jane, I know you are beaming with pride! The loss of your caring, humorous hubby Jim will always be felt, but he has left memories with many of us and will never be forgotten <3 . You are thought of often
Tim Brady
By Tim and Nola Brady
Thank you for the update. So happy for Peter and all the Bradys. Please remember that we are thinking and praying for ya'll and you are always in our hearts.
Rene Shoffstall
Thank you so much for the wonderful update! I think of peter and your family often and pray that things are moving forward. Please tell Peter how incredibly proud I am of all he has done and I know that he will continue to amaze us all! Sending love your way! Rene Shoffstall
Carolyn Scarborough
Hi Brady family - Great to hear that things are going well for Pete and the whole family. I think about you often and Lynda keeps me posted on what's happening. Love to all - Carolyn
Laura Murphy
By Laura Murphy
I love this and the picture is amazing!!!
Linda Murtha
By The Murtha Family
So happy to hear Pete is going to college. Way to Go, Pete! You and your family are always in our thoughts. Thanks for the update. Yes continue to kick the shit out of Option B.
Debi Rhoads
By Debi Rhoads
Way to go Pete!! You go & use all you've got! It'll certainly be well worth the effort-
Care- you rock too!!
Jim & Nicki the best always
hugs & love always xo
the Rhoads family
Pat Francoforte
By Pat Francoforte
Thanks so much for the update! I think of you all often and pray and it surely looks like Pete and your family are doing great! So happy to hear this. Please accept my love and congratulations!