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Mi historia

On August 16th, 2010, their car was rear ended by a triple stacked tractor trailer whose driver fell asleep at the wheel pushing their car under a tractor trailer in front of them. Their mother and my wife died at the scene. Matthew received a traumatic brain injury and Peter received major pelvic and facial fractures. I received the most horrific phone call one can imagine and had to negotiate getting to Ohio from DC. My colleagues were indispensable in this.

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After a month in Akron's Children's hospital, Matthew was medevac'd to Johns Hopkins Children's hospital where he spent a week in the PICU. Peter spent three weeks in the same hospital, one week at his Aunt's and Uncle's house. He and I then flew home. Peter then spent a few days in the hospital due to some complications. Matthew has been transferred to Kennedy-Krieger Rehab hospital where he has been recovering ever since. He has had several trips back to JHH for some surgeries but is mostly done with that, we hope.Peter is back home and mostly back to school though this keeps being interrupted by doctors appointments and check ups. I keep promisng that we make a full week of school but seem unable to make that happen.Please follow our progress in our journal which I update nearly everyday and leave a message for us.


Ed Slattery posted a new journal entry, "FB Listing".

I am listed as Ed Slattery on FB.  Feel free to join in.Ed Lea más

Ed Slattery posted a new journal entry, "Pulling the plug".

Dear Family and Friends,I have just, on the spur of the moment, decided to pull the plug on CB.I have been mulling this over in my head for quite some time now.  I am ... Lea más

Ed Slattery posted a new journal entry, "Peter off to Utah!".

Dear Susan,Peter got the application for the honors program at OSU done and is off to Utah for three days of skiing and snowboarding.  Actually, I think he'll just be ... Lea más

Ed Slattery posted a new journal entry, "Just another day".

Dear Susan,Well, our days are taking some form generally except Matthew and I overslept a little bit.  I had to take him to school but that was ok because he goes to STP ... Lea más

Ed Slattery posted a new journal entry, "Missed a few days".

Dear Susan,Missed a few days of writing.  No good excuse.Went to the Loyola's wine and food fund raiser on Saturday with Carol, her sister, cousin, brother-in-law, and ... Lea más

Ed Slattery posted a new journal entry, "Valentine's Day Dance".

Dear Susan,Good day today!While Matthew was at school Kelli and I took a lot of trash to the dump and then cleaned the van, including a good vacuuming.  Peter came home, ... Lea más

Ed Slattery posted a new journal entry, "Watched the mediation video".

Dear Susan,First, Matthew and I had a wonderful day.  He went to school and I went down about 10 to be with him in therapy.  His therapist wasn't there so I could have ... Lea más

Ed Slattery posted a new journal entry, "Not mad at me anymore!".

Dear Susan,Matthew had a good day today.  We have been getting up at 6 and have 20 minutes to kill even after we get dressed and eat.  So I have been snuggling with him ... Lea más

Ed Slattery posted a new journal entry, "Still mad at me!".

Dear Susan,So I got a call from the social worker at school today telling me that Matthew said he was hungry and mad at me because I didn't give him any breakfast.  They ... Lea más

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