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February 8

Yesterday Payne as able to attend most of his morning therapies.  He was sleepy through most of them, but during his physical therapy, he was pretty active.  They are working on him to be able to sit up with less and less support.  It is very hard for him to support himself and hold his head up for long periods.  They were also working on him reaching and taking items from me and placing them in a basket below.  At 11 AM they took him to the operating room to perform a scope to make sure there was no scar tissue in his breathing airways as a result of the ventilator and trach.  He passed with flying colors, so they removed the trach.  He then spent the evening and overnight in ICU purely as precautionary matter.  He had a great night.  We are waiting for all the approvals to get him back into his room in the rehab unit.  This will take several hours to get everyone's sign-off.  

Yesterday I asked him if he wanted some chap stick. I held out the tube, he took it from me and proceeded to rub it on his lips.  I was happy that he knew what chap stick is used for and how to apply it.  That shows me that that his cognitive process are there.

Technically he is out of a coma because he is able to understand and follow basic requests.  It is just going to take a long time  to relearn basic tasks.  Right now he gets fed through a tube in his stomach and he is very dependent on others for all his needs.  Therapies will slowly teach him how to become more and more independent.

James Brown from WHIO TV did a very nice story on Payne and all of the support he has received.  The clip is on youtube.  I think this link will get you there.

Some people have asked about an address to mail him cards.  You can just send them to the Nationwide Children's Hospital at 700 Children's Drive Columbus, OH 43205.  You might want to put his unit on the address which is 9B Rehab.  With respect to visitors, we welcome everyone but we want people to understand that their actual visit time with Payne will be very limited. You will most likely be visiting with Mark and I most of the time. The therapy sessions exhaust him, so he needs the other time to rest.  Good times to visit are after 5 PM on weekdays, after 1 PM on Saturdays and anytime on Sundays.
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Mark Erwin
By Mark Erwin
Thank you so much for the updates. I know you must be exhausted as well. So glad that Payne is getting such good care. Love and continued prayers for Payne.
Alice Webb
By Alice Webb
Good progress, Payne! Prayers for you all daily.
Kathy & Ken Kingston
By Ken & Kathy Kingston
Still lifting Payne and whole family up to throne of Grace. Therapy sounds exhausting, but Payne's progress is so heartening! Lots of prayers and positive thoughts coming your way. Payne would have been so proud of the Eagles' run against Franklin last night--they really "played for Payne!" We are all cheering him on.
laura Songer
By The Songer Family
We are encouraged to hear of Payne's progress every day! The therapy must be exhausting. We know he is working very hard. We are pulling for him! Thank you for your updates,and the news clip was very touching. Thanks also for the address to mail him cards.
Charlene Morris
By Chip and char
Wonderful video. He really has a lot of support from his friends and other schools. We continue to check everyday on his progress and are so appreciative of your updates. Prayers coming your way.
Kathi Stewart
By Stewart Kathi
Good news, the report that was done was very nice, prays still going up for all of you, Pllease tell Shelby Hello, and I'm glad she is so close to here brother.
Melissa Lush
By David and Melissa Lush
Looking for your posts every day and Payne continues to amaze us as he keeps moving forward.
Marilyn Weaver
By Marilyn Weaver
I watched the report on Channel 7 and taped it. I am so thrilled with his progress and I continue to pray for his complete recovery and for you and Mark. I look forward to your reports every day. May God bless all of you!
Michelle Hines Pernush
By Mike, Michelle, Nick and Alyssa Pernush
We love hearing your daily progress reports and are so thankful to hear that he has come out of the coma. We are keeping your whole family in our prayers and in our hearts as you continue your journey with Payne. :)
Dennis Brode
By Dennis Brode
Here is the link from the story on Fox 45 as well. You continue to be in our thoughts and prayers.